how scratched is your trials uni

hey i want to know how scratched your trials uni is, because im getting one and it will have a paint job. so i dont want to put something glamorus on it if its going to get all beat up. so please let me know!

Mine is pretty darned scratched. But you can still see everything that’s on it, so you can still get a cool paint job.

My ride is not really scratched up, but you could tell.
Besides, who wants a unicycle thats not scratched? scratches shows you are hardcore.


Scratches on anything, not just unicycles, give them character. My frame is reasonably scratched…the cranks and pedals are becoming very scratched.


A picture’s worth a thousand words.

I got my trials powdercoated last year, and it has lasted great.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that my trials has had quite a few run ins with rocks in the past! (Simon! :P)

The paint is starting to come off in places, but as it has been said, it give your ride character.

Hope it looks good…


really? i only see one.

Or that you load your unicycle in and out of the car with other unicycles a lot. That’s how mine get scratched. I’m definitely not as hardcore out on the trail, where I try to avoid letting the paint get scratched by rocks & things…

I just got new pedals, and they’re all pretty and shiny. I don’t like them this way.
As soon as I get some grind plates they’ll all look better.

Look closer. If you highlight the pic it turns into the first 12 pages of the script of the king and I, except in type 2 font. Hard to read but doable;) .

Wow! It really works!

Is “That has paint on it?” an option?