How promptly does ground shipping get to you?

I am ordering a unicycle from there and i am concerned with what shipping to get. The last two times i got 3 day select and it took way longer than 3 days =( so would ground shipping take way long as well?

Depends on where you are so kind a pointless question. In general when shipping ground figure about 1 day for ever ups region you are away from them. I’m not rich enough to order antything faster than ‘ground’ to California.

Did you track the shipment with a tracking number when it took longer than 3 days? That would have told you where the delay was. Remember UDC only promises shipping within 48 hours. So you could have lost a day there.

If you sign up on the web site you get an email when the item ships with a tracking number.

Im in California and it’s typically 5 days ground of UPS time, (meaning after UDC ships). Sometimes 4 if I’m lucky.

well I am in arizona so i dont think there would be too much difference… Either way, i opted for 3 day select… this crap is expensive

it usually takes anywhere from 2 to 768 days.

768 seems a bit unreasonable…

> 768 days = never. My last order was lost at a distribution center 100 miles from my house. Got to the distribution center on a sunday about 3:00pm and then fell into a worm hole or something.

Strange thing was when I was searching for a phone number for that distribution center I came across a posting from a guy whose Xbox arrived on the same sunday to that center and fell into the same wormhole. Makes you wonder what’s going on at the center on Sundays???

UDC was great, they shipped me new cranks before UPS officially declared them lost. UPS doesn’t consider it lost until 10 BUSINESS days have gone by.