"How on earth did I get up here?" - a Yorkie evening

There’s only so much you can revise about deadline monotonic priority ordering in one day, so before going mad I grabbed the muni and went out for an evening ride around.

The original idea was just a quick spin around campus, but before you know it campus is receding into the distance as I head towards the river south of York.

The path downstream along the Ouse in summer is probably my favourite place to ride in York… it seems to contain a different kind of person to those who say the same jokes or just laugh. Tourists are a good start, people going for a walk along the river and occasionally people on bikes or other wheeled contraptions riding around on the grassy bits. If anyone else has ever been jumping across a little channel eroded by floodwater as a boat full of really enthusiastic tourists goes past they’ll know it’s a fantastic feeling!

Once again the plan to just circle back home was shot to pieces by some kids on bikes on the other side of the bridge who seemed really interested in the muni. My jaw was on the floor when one of them did a 360 off a big bench type thing on his bike, and their jaws were on the floor when I jumped up onto the bench on the muni.

The strange thing was that so was mine… I’ve not jumped the muni that high before, tall kerbs has been about it. I was expecting it to be much more difficult to get the height than the 20, so really heaved into the jump… with the result that I nearly sailed straight over it. I was on the top thinking “how the…?”

I’d read Max Dingemans’ post a few months ago saying the extra bouce from a big tyre was able to compensate for the extra weight, but I’d never really believed it until tonight. It was harder to get stable after the jump than the 20 - it took some effort to avoid falling straight off the other side - but the jump itself was strangely easier than I thought it would be.

And that was it… after that I was “stoked”, to use the word that seems to be the rage with bikers at the moment. I rode the stairs down the side of the bridge; I’ve never done a stair set that big before. On the way back I even managed to ride up a short set of three steps… there was a small angled kerb at the bottom which launched you at just the right angle to roll up. I could get used to this!

The difficult part now is going to be putting the unis aside, as work must take priority. That’s going to be a severe challenge. However, on 3:45pm on July 10th, my educational career will be effectively at an end… scary.


congratulations! both on surprising yourself and finishing school. now you’ll have all the time in the world to unicycle your troubles away.

how do you find trials on a 24" compare to a 20"? what crank length do you use?

well done. the time does seem to fly on a unicyle when one avoids doing work.


Sounds pretty cool Phil… i seem to ride like that for miles in all weathers and not notice if i’ve got something on my mind. Not quite as picturesque in stoke tho unfortunately.

Yea a while ago found that I could jump onto a wall on my 24" just like that. With me… I think I just subconsciously managed to learn to still stand long enough to let me spring. It’s always a big rush when u achieve something like that.

My sisters at York, she said she’s seen an idiot like me around on campus. I take it that’s you. It’s great for uni ing round there, iv been up a few times.

Get ur head down… you know it make sense. If you give it your best, the uniing after will be that much sweeter.

Good luck,


Yes, the idiot on campus will be me… :slight_smile: There are a few people who can ride a bit, but I appear to be the only person using it as a form of transport and throwing myself off things.

My muni has 150mm cranks on… it’s main use is going to campus and back on, 170s would take forever to get anywhere. Despite my surprise on jumping yesterday I still don’t think it’s a patch on the 20 for trials; pretty much everything is easier on that because it’s so much lighter. I can’t do a very big static jump or grab at all on the 24"… the 20 is just easier to throw around the place.