How often do you unicycle?

i unicycle about once or twice in the week and saturdays and sundays but i’m giving up my paperound so i can unicycle every day (and because i can’t be bothered to do my paperound anymore!)

how often do you unicycle?

I am on a unicycle usually 8 days a week…if nothing else just practicing in the driveway.

I go for a mountain uni ride or an urban session 1 or 2 days a week. I’d do more but I am usually on the mountain bike 3-4 days a week.

I go from riding 5 hours a day (when I was really gun-ho about training) to riding twice a week when I have a whole lot of things going on.

I ride at least once every two days. If I go longer than that, I start suffering withdrawl symptoms.:smiley:


Daily but for shor periods of time up to half an hour, at times longer. Only by now my a…e is beginning to sit properly on the saddle. It is v.tiring when one leg fights agains the other.:smiley:

In actual fact, a couple to several times a week.

In my mind, however, I am unicycling most of the time either riding along a highway beneath the great big blue freedom loving American sky or zipping from circus ring to ring all the while juggling for the frantic crowd, my big bright red nose aglow with pride.

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everyday. at least three miles total, sometimes a lot more. especially when i leave something at home and have to go get it. it’s all just straight line riding, though. the hardest thing that i do is freemount and ride off of curbs

Usually 4-5 times a week, unless circumstances dictate otherwise.


Whenever I have an hour to spare. On average about twice a week.

I ride distance (5-10 miles) two to four times a week. I ride my trials or free style once or twice a week.


Re: How often do you unicycle?

At least once a day (walk the dog…the old thing can’t keep up to the
mountain bike anymore.)
If I miss a day, I start to get withdrawals.

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> i unicycle about once or twice in the week and saturdays and sundays but
> i’m giving up my paperound so i can unicycle every day (and because i
> can’t be bothered to do my paperound anymore!)
> how often do you unicycle?
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Well, I shall respond based on the b.b.l. era (before broken leg).

I usually commuted to school about four times a week at about 12 - 20 km per day and then rode trials and MUni on the weekends.

In fact, I rode so often that occassionally I imposed a ‘day off’ with strictly no uni’ing so as to give the muscles and joints a rest as a hopeful preventative to overuse injuries (BTW, I have never had an overuse injury from uni’ing yet, that is if you don’t count a broken fibula as an overuse injury, LOL… :smiley: ).


How often do you unicycle?

I ride every day, except for some days. Unicycling is my form of transport, and I go most places on one wheel. There are some days when I don’t ride, for example when I am resting up due to injury, or when the weather is unpleasant. I think the type (or types) of Unicycles you own influence the amount of riding you do. Since I got my MUni I have done a lot more riding for the sake of riding, and before then I did some, but mainly just transported myself to visit friends.

I used to unicycle every day, but now that school has started, I can only ride on weekends. I can’t ride to school because I have this funky thing where first period is at my house, because I don’t learn anything if I do math at school. Maybe next semester, if math is last period instead.

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>how often do you unicycle?

Usually 1 to 3 times a week, for 1 to 2 hours per session.

Interesting thread (but I’m NOT planning on a pertinent statistics
exercise in case anyone wonders).

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thats possibly the funkiest thing i’ve heard all day james…what are you talking about?

i don’t ride as much as i should. 'nuff said.

(p.s. i think it’s because i live in arizona in a mobile home park infested with old people who never leave their houses in the middle of the desert outside of the city far away from civilization where there is hot burning asphalt and identical rows of mobile homes for miles around in every direction. i guess it’s just kind of discouraging…)

A lot in the Summer, and not a whole lot in the winter.

Every day, sort of

I unicycle every day unless the weather is bad but I make up time on good days. I’m working on hopping, idling (on both the right and left sides) and playing with street bumps and dips. I’m improving but I’ll only improve if I do a little everyday. I’ve got a lot to learn but am having a lot of fun even though progress is slow. I’ve been at this just a little over a year now.

Not often enough. The vast majority of my riding is either to work, or on trails. And not enough of either.

I find it hard to get enough time for just cruising around or practising
So i like to incorporate unicycling as much as possible in my daliy life. This leads sometimes into abit absurd situations like muniing with a chainsaw in each hand, Carrying a car battery for 2 km then UPDing (my knees got really pissed off) , Idling while mowing with a scythe.
I’m on my uni at least one hour every day just doing stuff that has to be done.
Then I go Muniing some MTB tracks once or twice a week for an hour or so.
I also put some time into making a good muni-track, wich will definently help me spending more time in the saddle.