How often do you ride

i seen a thread a while back on this and i seen something similar to it today and thought I would ask it. How often do you ride. Lately i haven’t rode much but monday should change that. i would make this a poll but I don’t fell like it

if im sick i will ride once a day for a short time (cant handle long periods when ill) and when healthy i like to do 10+ hours per week, more when im on holiday

10-20 hours a week.

ehh 2-4 hours a day so about 25 hours a week

I go out for short periods between 15-60 mins all throught the day, somtimes I’ll just leave my shin pads on for the whole day. it depends if I’m working too

For the last little while I haven’t been riding much but now Im getting back into it. Trying to ride every day. I try to get out for at least half an hour. At the very least, I ride once a week.

I uni about 2 hours a day. someitmes it’s jsut fooling around, sometimes it’s working on tricks ect.

right now just once for a few minutes every couple of days because of work and my current uni isnt too great, waiting for my new one to come in but it won’t get here for like another 80 days or so between it being built and the shipping…

i ride for about 2-4 (sometimes 5) hours a day in short 30-40 min increments.
therefore, 14-35 hours a week.

wow that sounds like a lot now…

That does sound like alot

On the weekends it feels like I am riding all day but I really go out for 15-30 minutes then take a couple hour break so I usually ride all day but for not much time, if that makes sense. During school days I usually ride around an hour maybe, lately I haven’t been riding at all because I am lazy/unmotivated.

8-12 hours.


I ride every morning for about 30 minutes/2 miles. I never thought that anything would get me up at 0630 every day.
It’s one of the best parts of my day. I don’t think I’ve missed more than 2 or 3 days in the last 2 months.

When the weather starts getting cooler, I’ll start riding more after work and during the day on weekends.


6-10 hours, less if I have a lot of school work.

I ride between three and five days a week.

Normaly 2,5 hours a day.

I ride every day. Even if it’s just for 15 minutes. Usually an hour or so typically. I switch the kind of riding I do every other day. One day, I’ll just work on skills that I need to improve like idling, riding SIF or hopping, then the next day I’ll ride for distance. Some days like yesterday I have too much to do and can’t really ride so last night, after everyone else went to bed, I just went out into the garage and practiced 180 turns and hopping.

I practice about 3-4 hours a day. I wish I could do some more, but it’s way too hot. I get dizzy after 10 minutes of riding. :thinking:

Damn some folks ride mutch , I ride like about 3-4h a weak max

I ride between 3-6 hours a week, it depends on how much i have to do