How often do YOU ride?

Not just commute, either. whatever your style is, how often do you practice, and for how long? I ride trials after school most days, except for hard days of track, when I can barely ride home after the workout. I usually go for 3 hour rides on weekends, both saturday and sunday, with sunday being MUni, usually.

I don’t ride NEARLY enough. I go about once a week on the weekend, for about 3-4 hours each time. I didn’t go last week though… I really really need to ride more often. ):

I miss riding daily. :frowning:

With work and uni(versity) I generally only ride muni for 3 hours or so on weekends with the occasional mid-week trials or muni excursion maybe once every 3 weeks. I miss the holidays when I was able to just go trials riding for a few hours every second day. I’ve ridden trials once in about the last 6 weeks. :frowning:


This would make an interesting poll if enough people replied, but there has most likely already been a similar one posted.

i uni 1-2 hours everyday.

3 times a week usually…
Mid-week hockey and weekend rides (4-8 hours a ride)…

USally everyday after school. I usally ride off and on for a total of about 3 hours aday. Then on weekends i usally ride almost the whole weekend.

Not much riding lately considering no uni.

During the semester, I ride several times per week usually around an hour each time - I’m a full-time employee and full-time student, so I don’t have much time. But once the semester ends, I’ll probably ride almost everyday.

havent riden in half a year execpt once but right when i got off my pedal broke :frowning:

Jeez i’m horrible, I ride around three days a week for about 45min.

Every day for about an hour. But it’s not enough. I want to learn faster. Damn, I haven’t got time to work or study.

Actually I’m supposed to be studying now so I’d better go…

30 min - 1 Hour Every day

and about 2 hours on the weekend

Re: How often do YOU ride?

Not often enough.

About 5 years solid riding, then 2 years off, then I rode at BUC 10 (April
2003), then probably a couple of times in the months after that. Then
about 2 years off.

I got on for the first time last night for quite an ambitious (for me)
off-road ride. Especially seeing as I was on my heavy DM Ringmaster Pro.
We’ve been into Geocaching for a few years, and so when I saw the
information sheet saying “Not unicycle friendly”, I had to rise to the
challenge :slight_smile:

Of course, I made a short video…

5MB -
10MB -

I know this is absolutely nothing to you guys, but I’m pleased with myself

Now planning to get thinner, lighter, fitter and ride more!



I usually unicycle to work once or twice a week (the rest of the time I bike it) and go out at least once over the weekend (all on my 26x3, mostly off-road). If it’s decent weather (not often recently :frowning: ) I’ll sometimes do a bit of practice on my 20" in the evening, but obviously not often enough because I’m still hopeless at idling after over a year of riding… it’s getting better slowly - hopefully I’ll nail it at the SW Uni meet in a couple of weeks - it’s so much easier on a nice smooth gym floor :slight_smile:

Let’s see…how much I actually ride? This spring has been about 30-60 minutes a day (my daughters are responsible for this, they’re on fire!), plus two hours on Tuesdays (uni-night w/Billham and the new club), and a nice 12-13 mile Coker ride on Saturday mornings, but we’ve missed that a couple weeks in a row now. Today I’m bringing my Coker downtown for some urban trail lunchtime riding…should be a riot! The daily riding with my daughters is all on our patio (just hopping, trying to learn something new, trying not to bleed too much).


up here in alaska it doesnt get dark so i go out and ride for about 6-8 hrs a night instead of sleeping. plus i have a sleeping disorder so ive been goin 6hrs a night for about 3 weeks straight. (not that i never sleep, i just dont sleep that much) so maybe around 50 hrs of riding a week. and can u beleive i still cant unispin

thats a tragedy. i ride everyday for about an hour and bike about 2 hours. on weekends i ride endlessly.


i normally ride 45-90 minutes

I normally ride once or twice a week for about an hour, but the last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic with essays and things so unicycling has been rather neglected.
Think I will have to go for a ride when I get home later to make up for it!