How often do you have an UPD?

Please include how long you have been riding and what you ride.

Please include the following if you can.

How long you have been riding?

What you riding?

And what you think caused the UPD?


What is UPD?

~2 times per ride

An un-planned dismount.

I’ve been riding for around a year, into MUni and beginning street/trials. I often UPD on steep / rocky slopes when riding up them, and sometimes on the way down, if it’s really steep and muddy. On the flat, I tend not to UPD.

Just got a new 36" and have not even ridden it yet but I have been riding a Schwinn 24" for about 40 year maybe once a month. I might ride it about 20 minutes and usually have an UPD trying to do something stupid. Under normal riding I rarely fall.

Been riding six months and it happens all the time. I always try to learn a new moveor trail. I ride hard surface and offroad. I woud guess from hundreds to over a thousand per day.

I’ve been riding unicycles for 17 years
With a break of about 12 years in the middle restarted about a yearn ago

I have a 19’’ trials uni
Which I use for playing about on plus uni hockey. Over a 2 hr uni hockey meet I upd a dozen times or so. But this is with sprints to chast the ball manovering between people etc. If I’m just riding around rarely upd

However my new uni
KH 26 with schlumpf hub
I’m using for some easy xc/ muni and
Road riding
If I’m just in low gear I’m very comfortable and rarely come
Off. But high gear is a different game
Shifts up I can stay on 90% of the time now. But down shifts 50-50. But even flat riding in high gear is tough I have difficulty relaxing. I feel
Like I’m fighting it. Getting a bit better but still at least 1 upd/km

Been riding 43 years
Ride a 29" nimbus road uni

On the road the only time I have an UPD is if I hit a bump or hole I did not see. I don’t do tricks.

I ride on dirt trails a lot and the terrain dictates the UPD frequency. I always go for things that I probably can’t make and just plan on an UPD. Often, I make it. Things like sand, gravel, steepness, rocks.

I use wrist guard, knee guard, elbow guard and helmut when off road. Since I am 57 y/o I don’t go for things where the exposure to injury is high.

Is there an acronym other than UPD for situations you are trying something you are not likely to be able to do. Like UGFI, Unmade Go for it?

at 56 years old and 40 years of uni-g, I upd daily.

I upd when I switch to my 29" with short cranks from my usual 36" with 150s.

I upd going over a particularly root section of single track (though I slowly made it through that section today without a upd!).

I upd when the slope on the single track is too steep up or too rough or both.

Mud, snow, and ice increase the likelihood of a upd, though on flat this is rare.

Very rarely, I upd on smooth, dry, flat for no damn reason.

People who see me upd always say: Wow! In all the years, I’ve never seen you do that.

That’s because they see me on flat, on the sidewalk, going up the avenue to the park where I go off road. I do not MUni.

Others ask me if I ever fall, and I tell them “all the time.”

It’s good prep for life – I take a fall, but I land on my feet.


You do know that your questions is rife with variables, right?

Say for instance I’m going to ride an easy loop on a trail I know, the weather is good, the trail is clean and dry, I’m riding well, so I do three miles with nary a UPD.

The next day I decide to ride a trail I barely know, it has a more irregular surface, I’m not able to pace myself quite as well, so at times I run out of steam on climbs or miss a line over an obstacle, so in a three mile ride I have more than twenty UPDs.

Take today for instance, I rode a two mile loop I know very well, it was wet, muddy, rocky, rooty, lots of steep climbs and steep descents, it was storming, I was not wearing armor, so I had a number of UPD’s as well as a number of PD’s.

PD, what’s that you ask? A PD is where I get off the uni before I get kicked off or before I get hurt; in other words, it’s planned. I do a lot more PD’s these days, I think it comes with expereince; knowing when to get off, both to save face and save skin.

For those who ride road, UPD’s are less common because the terrain is smooth and regular, but for trail riding, trials, and street, UPD’s are so common that it’s not worth counting them, just as I don’t count the number of pedals strokes I take or number of times I breathe; there are times when I swear I’m going to cough up a lung!

Since you are just embarking on riding road on your new 36er, you should not have many UPD’s, more importantly you should work on developing stamina, bith physical and psychological, time in the saddle is the key.

I have been riding ~ 4 years, I rode exclusively on trails, 90% single track, 26/29" My UPD’s are generally caused by me messing up a line, not paying attention, being tired, being a woosy, or just not trying as hard as I should cuz I’m tired, or I’m being a woosy, or because I don’t care. Sometimes my dogs get in the way, once in a while my wife gets in the way, and on a rare occassion I have an UED; that’s an UnExplanned Dismount. It’s at those time that I begin to think that aliens are living among us :astonished:


Are PDs to some extent a lack of courage? They are for me.


I’m going to be careful of what I post since last time I posted about UPDs, I had that hard fall on the coccyx (tailbone).

I’ve been riding for 2 months now, starting at absolutely no knowledge other than hold onto something and get adjusted to sitting on it. Now that I’ve actually been able to ride consistently for a month, I’ve gotten my share of sudden ‘must get off’ and still have stupid things happen like mounting, be stuck in the ‘dead position’ and try to pedal, nearly falling flat on my face. Luckily I can just let go though I land on my feet quite hard. Other times, it’s just a matter of hitting that weird spot on the ground that suddenly jolted me the other direction to having poor foot placement from the start and having it catch up to me when I try to turn. Other times where my legs just tire out…but that is more of a planned dismount as I tend to catch the uni.

What I just now experienced: getting too cocky with idling, I grabbed my yoyo and attempted to rock the baby while idling and almost went back. Luckily I was indoors and had something to grab onto.

I’ve been riding since 1963. I think I had a UPD in 1972 but it might have been something else. Foss probably pushed me off or something like that.

How long you have been riding?

It’s weird. I started 3 years ago this May, I ended up taking the first year off. This past year, I unfortunately was only able to ride a handful of times due to work obligations, so basically 1 serious year of riding, 2010. This year hopefully will be a second serious year of riding :slight_smile:

What unicycle do I ride?

I ride mainly 24, 26 and 29. I also have/ride a 19" trials.

And what do I think causes me to UPD?

Several factors, elements but…

I will UPD sometimes when I try something new, if I’m not pay attention/concentrating to what is ahead of me while riding and instead looking elsewhere/concentrating on something other than what I am doing. If I’m pushing on a trail of roots or rocks or if I’m screwing around I also might UPD. :astonished:

Personally and I hope it doesn’t stir up too much controversy but I don’t think UPDs are anything to be ashamed of, as Kris Holm stated in his Mercedes movie…one thing about unicycles is you do fall alot…if you’re not falling your probably not trying…


I fall ALOT when I first started trials well… still do trials I fall 50-60 times a day just trying different stuff. Like everyone has said. UPDs are just part of riding. some days I can go without one and some days i can have 50