How often do u UPD?

On a typical Muni ride I prob UPD 20-30 times over ~ 4 hours. The most I’ve tried a line is 12 Xs and got it on the 12th.

On my commute and not in a hurry I do “urban Muni” ~ 20 UPDs over 45-60 min.

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Oh boy! Competitive UPDing, or possibly competitive not UPDing.

Yesterday on a ride on the 29 combining rough farm tracks, cross country and road, I UPDed 3 times on off road sections and once for no good reason on flat tarmac.

My best ever was 27 miles without a UPD, mainly on roads, with easy sections of rough track, on the 36.

My worst ever doesn’t bear thinking about. When I was a new rider, I pushed myself too hard and found myself UPDing every few yards for a mile at a time on tracks that even now I would find challenging. I ended up tired, frustrated and angry with myself and at least once I threw the Muni into the hedge in disgust.

I tend to make a rule not to try any obstacle or short tricky section more than 3 times in a ride. I like to make progress with the ride rather than banging away at one section relentlessly.

I sometimes manage a whole muni ride without a UPD - assuming I don’t count failing to ride the one hill I can’t ride up and getting off before I fall off. On average only one or two a ride - maybe I just ride stuff which is too easy. I lost count of my UPDs when I went riding at a trail centre on proper technical stuff.

Adding to this…

I’m not sure if everyone defines a UPD the same way.

I think of a UPD as an unexpected dismount. It’s when I’m suddenly thrown off as if my wheel just decided to stop. I look back to find a root, rock, or bump I was totally oblivious too.

I estimate this happens 0-3 times each ride, which is usually 5-10 miles, for 1-2 hours. I probably have the same number of “shock” moments where something grabs my wheels, but with the UPD imminent, my reflexes save me and I recover with no dismount.

It’s more common for me to dismount because of difficult terrain that I’m completely aware of: rooty sections, rock gardens, technical downhills, or challenging climbs. While my plan is to make it through these without dismounting, I don’t think of a dismount in these sections as a UPD, unless it was completely unexpected. I estimate I have 0-20 of these technical dismounts each ride. It really depends on how challenging the trails are.

Yesterday I did 21 miles on a limestone trail on my 36er and UPD’d six times. Mostly later in the ride when I was fatigued and constantly adjusting my seat position, and once when a snake on the trail scared the sh*t out of me.

I haven’t bothered counting during muni…I’d have to bring along an abacus.

I found UPDing to be very inconvenient so I decided just not to do it any more.

UPDs is always a question of how much you challenge yourself. Typical road riders go many miles without UPDs.

I usually do mostly road, but occasionally switch to a section track that I do without UPD on my 36", except one very roots section. There is also a once-paved hill, now very pot-holed, that I cannot successfully ascent except one in 10 tries. If I keep at it, I can UPD a LOT on that hill before getting to the top.

UPD= UnPlanned Dismount

Yes, but there are some climbs I’m planning to dismount on, because I don’t know any other way to get up them - just that I don’t know exactly where.

The issue is more how people define dismount. Some people would say that if you aren’t able to stay on your feet (i.e. run it out) then it doesn’t count as a UPD as it wasn’t a dismount, it was a fall. I don’t see it like this, but to each his own.

On my 7 mile each way commute per day on my 29, on sidewalk, road, and gravel fire road I probably average one per 14 miles. Ususally it’s because my tire is a bit over-inflated and my seat is really high, so I just bounce off unexpectedly.

Im about the same as MuniorBust. 0-3 times when I am riding Muni. Fairly never when I doing road riding though.

My best is 100km, partially on road and partially off road, on the geared 36, at race pace. Zero dismounts. (Unicon 2012 100km race, 3rd place).


If I am riding trials or street i ups 100s of time but for muni like 20s and urban about 15 in 3hrs

I think the most basic definition is that any UPD is one you didn’t do on purpose (didn’t plan). Those are all UPDs, but then if you want to break it down from there, I agree with your approach and call it a fall if you didn’t stay on your feet.

Woohoo! How was your crotch afterward? My personal best was the Marathon race at Unicon XIV (42 km). My crotch was hating me from at least mile 20 onward. Do you know if any others in that race did it dismount-free?

Still the known record would be Takayuki Koike, who reported doing his whole 100 mile record without a dismount. That’s a long time without going to the bathroom!

For myself, there are always UPDs on MUni rides. But on Road rides they are pretty rare for me, with the exception of missed shifts. That’s at least three quarters of all my Road UPDs, but the average is less than one per 10 miles or so.

I’m new

whats a UPD?
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Unplanned dismount

Billy already defined it in this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

For me a UPD is anything that would not allow me to stay on the uni. That could be a climb I knew I prob wouldn’t make it up, a tech section, or the random completely unexpected UPD. Just about the only thing I wouldn’t count is stepping off to take a break.

Several of my UPDs per ride are usually not on my feet, but if it goes over that I’m prob pushing myself too much & I back off (tech lines, speed)

On a 4 or 5 mile loop of road, tractor-scarred bridle path, narrow baked mud footpaths through fields of crops, and one section across a field of livestock this evening, 2 UPDs, both on specific obstacles.