How much?

How much does it cost for a bike shop to install a new hub, new bearings, new spokes, and new cranks. I just got my koxx hub and i am wondering whether I should learn how to do it myself or spend the money. So does anyone know if it is… say $30+?

30 sounds about how much it would cost.

Call your bikeshop and ask them.

If you have time and patience, build it yourself! :slight_smile: It’s difficult but still possible. I built one today, took about 3 hours… (with help from my dad though) :wink:

You could build the wheel yourself then get the bike shop to true it. You would think that would be cheaper.

thats what I would advise…just the simple building of the wheel isn’t too hard if you know how. do a search on these fora for Sheldon Brown’s website, its got grrreat instructions. truing though, thats a little more difficult, so you could take it to a bike store to have that done, and it would be cheaper.