How Much

How much money would I have ot put into a Torker LX to get brakes on it? I live on the top of a giant hill, no matter where i go is downhill. Its really a pain.


Look at these:

Your LX doesn’t come with mounting hardware, so you’d have to get that, also.

my advice would be to either get stronger legs to ride down the hill(s) or get a better uni with better ways to mount brakes. a torker lx isn’t exactly a brake worthy machine.

ive gotten down the hills, but wow its a pain. To get to my friends house its like 2 straight downhill miles. Not too fun. Any unis with brakes you suggest? Im not looking to spend too much. Especially since i have to find some work to get money. Ughhh, anyone need a logo?


I would say that your best option is to either go with a side pull brake used on BMX bikes. The biggest problem with this option is finding a place to mount the brake handle. This is because the Torker uses a 25.3mm seatpost. Most bar ends (the normal way to mount brakes) are made to fit 22.2mm bars.

The other option is more expensive but will yield better results. You could email Darren Bedford and ask him what frames he has that will fit your torker’s wheelset and have brake mounts. I’m not sure what the prices are for his frames.

Hope that helps.

Then ill have to buy a whole new seat post and everything, right?


yeah, but I think that’s like 10 dollars. Not sure though.

By the time you buy and order and recieve the brakes your legs could be well adjusted to the hills. Just buy some longer cranks, and ride the hills alot, so you build up the leg muscle to make the hills easy.

That is an option. Just remember that riding down hills like that will kill your knees. Take it from someone with cronic knee problems.


Or it could make them stronger, I suppose.

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