how much?

Okay so i need around a thousand dollars. I am not sure how much i have in the bank but it is not enough. I want to upgrade my KH to an 08 model with a titanium hub. I punched in the items i wanted on udc and it came to $1082. I want to know how much you would pay for an 07 kh. It is powdercoated white but it has many scratches because of riding. I broke the rim once and recently had it replaced but it still has some scratches. comes with a nimbus seat and nimbus seatpost (CroMo). It has 125mm cranks on it with many scratches and snafu pedals. the tire is a Maxxis CC slightly worn since i had it replaced. It is a very nice unicycle that is not for sale, at least not yet anyway. I loved it so much and it makes me sad to think of selling it. I would like to know how much i could get for it and if that + the money i have in my bank from my summer job would be enough to buy an 08 with my specs and titanium hub.

Consider buying just the Ti wheelset. The 08 rim is a lot stronger with the new hole cut-outs and the offset spokes stay true longer. If you haven’t broken your 07 frame, don’t bother with the 08. Same with the seat and seatpost. Your 125mm cranks will fit on the hub, so why replace them?

Why do people want a ti hub? Does the 1 lb weight and slightly stronger flanges really make that much of a difference for $460???

You could probably get around $300ish for the uni. Is it an 07 KH and what rim did you replace the old one with?

thats not a bad idea. I thought about it but I didn’t know how much stronger the 08 frame was. if it isn’t significantly stronger then i don’t see a reason to upgrade the frame.

it is an 07 kh rim that i replaced it with

it is an 07 kh rim that i replaced it with

I could see it selling around $300, it’d probably work best if you made an eBay auction and also told the forum (unless your just going to upgrade parts like Danni said).

Honestly, your probably not bad enough to merit a Ti hub, and not good enough to merit a whole new uni.

Stick with your fuckin’ unicycle dude, the 08 is somewhat better yes, but 1000$ better? hell no.

You should upgrade your current kh in this order:

-CF base
-Style specific pedals. Welgo MG1’s save a lot of weight, get the Ti upgrade if you have the cash to spare and if you aren’t going to bash them. For a pure trials rider or freestyle guy.
-Single bolt clamp. There is no reason to have two. It adds something like 50 grams. For gram/cost ration, this is still cheaper than the hub. Look for lightweight clamps on ebay. If you do find something that is, say around 10grams with a Ti bolt, make sure you buy a high quality allen key that fits. Ti strips a lot easier than cromemoly, so watch out.
-Tensiles if you’re are a soft rider, good way to shave weight from moments. I’ve done a lot of decent size drops on mine, and they are still holding up wonderfully.

  • After all that, I would get the Ti hub.

A lot of people laugh at gram talk, but when they got on my uni they soon shut up. It is much more maneuverable in every way. People can hit highjump records and go higher when they get on.

Compared to any cycle sport out there, unicycling is ridiculously cheap. A high end road bike can cost over $10 000, some bike-trials frames cost more than five complete KHs.

If every unicyclist was a penny pincher, there would be no advancement in the products of the sport. We’d still be riding cottered cranks. Be thankful that there are people willing to fuel this rapidly growing sport (and get some nice f****** parts).

i have wanted one and broken seats but i don’t really want to spent $100 and then screw up on drilling the holes.
I am not a pure anything rider. i ride trials street freestyle and i want to start learning flatland. I had some plastics but i broke them droping off of something that I had just hopped up.


Tyler bro you really dont need to spend $1000 just to get a Ti Hub and a few slightly better parts. If your uni is workin fine for you so far then just use it. Maybe upgrade a few parts like the seatpost looks a lil nicer, but until yours breaks your fine.

i have wanted one and broken seats but i don’t really want to spent $100 and then screw up on drilling the holes.

But you want to spend $1000 to find its not THAT much better…

A CF base is a must. Stiffer, lighter, stronger. A MUCH better investment than a brand new unicycle.

i think ill order one of those and go from there. thanks everybody

I really like the way Danni ^ thinks.:slight_smile:

I second not buying a Ti hub until you have done all the other cheaper/gr things. Those Snafu pedals are really heavy, only good if you are really brutal on pedals.

The 08 frame is the same as 07, except for a thicker seat tube, that was machined down above the crown was used. Although undoubtedly a stronger design, it is a few grams heavier, and if you don’t break your 07 frame, it is really no better.

Because you can buy a brand new 07 online for 360 ish , a used and scratched up one would be worth 250 ish sorta. I am guessing, selling used stuff is all about finding the right buyer.

I think, last I checked, the Ti hub comes with a built wheel. That would be the only way to do it, why dismantle a perfectly good wheel just to install a new hub? Way better just to go with new everything, hub, Ti spokes maybe, rim and tire. That way, you will have a spare wheel, so you can keep riding while you are fixing things.

Sorry feel the light, do some research before you start giving advice. Ti spokes are not a good idea at all. There is a reason why no trials riders, no mountain bikers or even some roadies will not buy Ti spokes. They break like nothing and are extremely high maintenance.

Ti has no flex so they love to snap, this Danni guy knows his stuff :wink: Im curious what your set up looks like bro?

It’s not only weight, it’s strength aswell.

Buy it from Bedford and he will drill them for you. Yes it’s more than UDC…

Ya but at $460 you could buy nearly 8 KH/Nimbus hubs. (+ costs to re-lace wheels if you don’t do that yourself).

It really seems to me that it’s $400 more for a light weight hub.

How much?

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