How much would you charge for.....

Hey Everyone!!

I am planning on selling some components of two of my “fairly-yet-lightly well-used” Miyata freestyle unicycles to one of my uni friends. Please let me know what I should/you would pay for these two items (I have included a link to the part/item that each of my parts are closest to on

Thank you very much in advance for your time on this subject!! Anything would help…


20" Miyata Deluxe Chrome Frame ($80 on


20" Miyata Deluxe Wheelset…old model (blue anodized rim) ($154 on

Thank you very much!! ~Sara

i would say about $200 depending on how lightly used they are.

I’d say about $100. Depends on what kind of relationship you have with your Uni friend, how rich you are, how rich they are, and what you want to get from the deal.

Thanx for your input!

Thanks so much for your input!

I am okay friends with the person that I am selling these parts to…but I have never met him in person. We have only talked on the Internet and plan to talk on the phone.

I have offered $35 for the frame and $45 for the wheelset, not including the tire.

Thanks for your replies!

I would have gone a bit higher, but whatever. I hope he enjoys his new uni, and you enjoy yours.