How much will going from a Schwinn 24 to a KH freeride help me be better at Muni?

I suck at Muni. Actually, I kinda suck at unicycling, but I’m getting better. Every couple months, I think to myself, “I need a real off-road uni…then I’ll be better.” And then I don’t buy one, and practice a lot instead, and in the end realize that I didn’t need a new uni…my technique just sucked. I didn’t need splined cranks, I needed to get better at rolling out of drops. I didn’t need a lighter uni…I needed better control for jumping up on things.

And yet, that nagging feeling that I should buy a KH freeride still won’t go away, even though I can’t really afford one.
I’ve upgraded my Schwinn a lot…first with the standard rim and cotterless cranks, and a KH saddle, and better cranks and pedals, and a 2.1 inch smoke (knobby) off-road tire. So It’s not like I’m trying to ride down a mountain on a stock 70s Schwinn. But, it does strike me as being heavy for a unicycle, especially when hopping up stairs…I get very out of breath.

I know theres a tendency on internet forums to always recommend the newest and coolest product as a solution to everything (I do it myself on other forums) but seriously…will I notice significant gains by upgrading? Will a KH freeride 24 be noticeable lighter? Will the slightly thicker tire stop my from sliding sideways when I uni diagonally down hills? (This seems to be my biggest problem lately, especailly with the often damp ground here in the Shenendoah Valley.) Will I break the axle or blade-style frame and have to buy a new one anyway pretty soon?

I don’t know anyone around here who has a Muni…by far I have the best uni of anyoneI know (all my friends have cheap stock torkers) so I don’t know how to try one out without ordering one from UDC…which is a big investment to see if it’s worth it.

One of my friends is interested in buying my Schwinn…if he does, then I could probably get the $ together to get the KH.
He offered my $110, I was hoping for more with the upgrades, although the saddle is not in good condition (Metal plate broke, but I fixed it with epoxy…) What’s a good price at which to sell mine?

Please give any advice, tips, thoughts or comments…
Thanks a lot.

Yes the KH will allow you to ride better, to a small degree. It will be a little grippier, more bouncy, possibly lighter. It will amost certainly never break. The general advice is to buy the best you can afford, you owe it to yourself.


Advantages of KH over your current ride… Weight, strength, and style. You have to give it major points for style. It’s kind of like asking should I buy a Hyundai or a Lexus, they’ll both get you were you are going… well most of the time.

If your friend will give you $110 for your beet up old schwinn, take it and don’t look back.

Hey Skippi,
I’m in Verona. I’ve seen you riding around a couple of times. I’ve got an ‘04 KH Muni that you could try. It’s not the new frame, but you could see what it’s like to ride on a 3" x 24" Gazz. I’ve also got a 20" Summit trials, a Coker and a 6’ girraffe you could check out.

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cool! Man, im jealous of that collection. What kinda cranks are on the cruiser?

Sweet collection!..PDC, I sent you a PM.

That’s a Torker DX Hub with 150’s. With a 3" x 24" Kenda Flame Tire.

The KH will not make you a better rider. However it will make riding the same terrain easier. There’s a big difference between a relatively stock Schwinn and a KH, but riding skills come from within. So save up for the KH, and keep on practicing!

This leads on to another point. The average driver is not going to notice much benefit driving the Lexus instead of a Hyandai. Sure it will feel a bit nicer but they won’t really appreciate a lot of the improvements, especially if they never push its limits on a race track.

A race car driver on the other hand is much more attuned to the feel of a car and will notice a big difference.

Likewise as you get better at unicycling, your body will become more aware of subtle differences between unicycles. You will appreciate a KH more as your riding improves.

It will also help when you reach the stage where lots of practice results in very minimal gains because you have mastered a skill. Then upgrading equipment has a more noticeable effect.

If the steep price of a KH is holding you back, Qu-ax makes relatively cheaper cycles, like this muni…

I can’t comment from personal experience about Qu-ax, but everything I’ve read leads me to believe they’re pretty high quality. I just ordered the 24" muni they make… but it doesn’t come until Tuesday… the wait is killing me:(

If you havn’t broken your Schwinn yet, chances are a Qu-ax would hold up for you, and you save a couple 100 over the KH.


Well…I’ve been riding PDCs’s KH uni…and…wow…I do notice a difference.
I’m selling the schwinn tomorrow.
In one or two weeks, I’ll buy a KH.
I can’t believe how much heavier the KH is than the Schwinn, though. I was expecting the KH to be really light and manuvurable.
I thought it would be like going from a stationwagon to a jeep, but it’s more like going from a stationwagon to a humvee!

Still totally cool, though. And, I can hop pretty much just as high on the KH as with the Schwinn, even though it’s so much heavier.

As far as the Qu-Ax…that does also look very tempting…I’ll look into those a bit more before I buy…Thanks!

The new 05 KH24 is noteably lighter than previous generations.

Does anyone know the actual difference?

From Kris’s site, the '05 Freeride weighs 7.05 kg (14.8 lbs)… I can’t seem to find any specifications about the '04 models anywhere…

A week or so ago I held my KH '04 trails uni in one hand and his '05 model in the other… I only noticed MAYBE a 2 pound difference… whatever the exact weight difference is, I think it’s negligible. I’m going to attribute the vast majority of the weight difference to the aluminum frame (instead of chromoly)… this is because they do have different tires (Creepy Crawler this year, Luna last year)… but that can’t make any significant weight change.

But after all, these are just for the 20" trials cycles… If the only difference in the muni’s is the switch to an aluminum frame (an difference hub/crankset), then I would conclude and reduction in weight would be insignificant…

But to answer your question, pdc, I have no idea.


EDIT: After re-reading that, I have no idea what I was trying to say… basically, it’s my opinion that the weight difference isn’t that important/shouldn’t have a significant effect on one’s riding.