How Much were 07 kh's in Australia?

I just noticed that the new 08 KH trials are up at UDC Australia and they are $850 AUD. I did the currency conversion to Canadian dollars and it comes pretty close ($825 Canadian). Is this a big price jump from the regular price of the 07 KH’s in Australia?
The 07 KH’s Trials are about $500 in Canada (I’m not sure if this is a sale price- for some reason I was thinking that they were closer to $600). If the 08 's are going to be around $825, that is a pretty significant price jump.

Is this due to higher prices/cost in Australia or are the KH’s going to be that expensive?

I think the usual price was 825. They lowered the price to sell off the '07 models. But 850 sounds about right for UDC Oz.

The price of 07 in Aus was $750 or $760 AUD from memory…
Tom had a thread of him saving for one a while back, i’m sure that would have it in it!

Ok, then the price seems more reasonable then.
It’s seem like the Aus dollar has made big rise recently. To bad that it doesn’t mean that the 08’s will be cheaper instead of more expensive.

When the Canadian dollar got close to the US dollar, it didn’t seem to improve price much if at all.

Dang, seems crazy. Last time I checked currency rates, USD, CAD, and AUS were all almost even rates.

Im hoping it is because of gas or something that has your prices so high. Maybe it will end up cheaper to buy from over seas for you guys haha. Thats always fun.

Hey they have the KH36 too! It has the option of the titanium hub for an extra $850! That’s mad!

DW, Unicycles from UDCA and UDCNZ are always more expensive than other countries once you convert the currency. I think it’s partly because our dollar’s have risen and prices haven’t adjusted yet. Only $50 more is great considering the seatpost and rim are stronger, and other upgrades have been done too.

Yeah the price is probably quite good considering what Kris has added… the price might go down after a little while too, like almost every product does.

Even though the Australian dollar has risen, the price might not adjust that much. Sometimes it has to with when retailers purchased products.
Retailers in Canada seemed to use a lot of excuses after the dollar went up to avoid lowering prices and prices never really went down. :roll_eyes: Now it’s gas prices that keep prices high.

I just ordered a UDC 36" (the budget big wheel)now that they have finally got some stock they have them listed at $475 previously they were $625.The pricing seems a bit erratic some things are up some are down,36" air foil rim at $220 seems ridiculous when New Zealand UDC have them listed at $150 none of it makes sense.

YEah, most UDCA prices seem to be the same as UDCNZ prices, except in Aussie dollars :P. Except the nimbus ISIS, why’s it only $340 in Aus? I think in NZ and AUS UDC have a monopoly unlike in other countries where there is competition. I discovered that it’s cheaper to ship over from Germany and England though than buy from though :stuck_out_tongue:

What price did you buy it at?
Is it at $475 to stay?
I’m hoping to get the UDC 36 and change it into an undercover knightrider with the frame and t7 if it would work. But that would be some time away and i might as well buy a knight rider if the price goes up to 625 again :thinking:

It is probably about a year since I have been taking an interest in a 36" and this week is the first time they have been in stock.I plan on fitting my own brake and handle which I will make myself but the steel rim on the UDC 36" is the sticking point as they are heavier and brakes become useless when wet,however it is still a cheap way of having your own 36er to ride.As for the price stability I have no idea,I think availability will be more of an issue.:slight_smile:

So you have been happy with the UDC 36? Any faults?
Was not having brakes a problem when riding?

My UDC 36" was delivered the other day and to my surprise it came with the nimbus stealth rim (alloy) and the nightrider tyre ,I was expecting the steel rim as listed on their website so I dont know if it was a mistake or they just have’nt updated their website,either way I am well pleased.I replaced the standard pedals which are small plastic things with some $30 dx platform type pedals.So how does she go? Fantastic but I will learn more on the weekend.If like me you have never seen a 36" unicycle in the flesh they are extremely impressive unicycles.One bloody big wheel,I love it.

My first UDC order was a nimbus trials, they sent me two by accident.

i contacted them and sent one back :slight_smile:

they wouldn’t have known if i didn’t say anything, but i am not that type of person.

The KH 07 19’s where always $795.00
Now that the KH 08 19’s are out, they probably just put it up because it is new.