how much torque can a profile actually take?

if anyone knows, it would be a nice fact to have. thanks

Unfortunately nobody’s ever done those sorts of experiements. If I had unlimited money I might consider it. It’d be great to know hey? You can’t work it out from the drop size because people land differently. Chris Reeder (I think) broke a Profile crank from about a 1.5m drop and Kris Holm and others do massive drops without (always) breaking them.


Re: how much torque can a profile actually take?

Actually I think it would be kind of a useless fact, because of all the variables mentioned above.

With regular unicycle axles, they don’t break from a single drop or shock (unless your name is Ryan Atkins maybe), they break from an accumulation of all your drops, plus stops and starts, idling, and even mounts. This is metal fatigue.

With the welded-component design of the Profiles, I don’t know if fatigue is the same leading factor in breakage, or if it’s something else. But a light-landing rider like Kris might be able to do 2, 3, or even 10 times the number of drops of a less skilled rider who lands harder.

For the same reason, it’s hard for sellers, like, to quantify how much abuse any piece of hardware is designed to take. Until recently, all we had were Suzue, Semcycle, and other “regular” axles, and we usually made them last years. Of course we weren’t beating on them as much as today’s crop of extreme riders…

It would still be very interesting if all hub/crank combinations were tested to destruction. The comparison might tell you which - under the same jumping/dropping conditions - was the stronger.

I, for one, with a weight of 102 kg, would be very interested to know that, even thouigh there are many other factors involved in how long a hub/crank survives abuse.


Re: how much torque can a profile actually take?

This man knows, but be careful. He bites.