How much skill will I lose?

I’m going to be spending 5 weeks away from home this summer, but I don’t want to get out of practice (or suffer from withdrawals). If I brought my uni with me, I’d have to take it on the airplane.

Should I take my unicycle with me?
If I chose to leave my unicycle, how rough will I be when I get back?

I’ve already read a bit about traveling, so I don’t need packing tutorials or anything, but feel free to share your experience traveling (with uni) or give advice as this will be my first trip with my uni.

I take my uni almost everywhere I go. It’s really not very complicated, just take it apart, pack it with good padding, bring all the necessary tools, and put it back together when you get there. Not much of a burden, and shouldn’t really take that much time either.

I don’t know where your going, but for me, unicycling is always fun to do on trips with nothing else to do :p.

Will I be able to pack my uni into my luggage fine, or will I have to pay for it as a second bag? (I’m packed for five weeks, but I’m also taking juggling clubs and maybe some other bulky stuff)

Pack it! I would say how much you lose depends on how long you’ve been riding. A couple months, yes, years I would say no. It should come back within a week though.

How much skill will I lose?

you won’t lose any.:slight_smile:

you just won’t get better.:frowning:

Not for everyone. I got my KH24 and had surgery a few weeks later. It took me almost a week to get back to where I was from the layoff.

It really depends on how big your bag is, and what else will be in there.

I think it depends on what skill you’re talking about and how solid you are at that skill. I didn’t ride MUni for 4 months this year because of a knee problem, and other than having to regain my fitness level I’ve been able to pick up where I left off.

On the other hand, I haven’t seriously practiced a lot of freestyle skills for longer than I can remember–more than a year. I can still do them, but they’re not as snappy and on cue as they once were.

So I’m guessing you’ll lose a bit of your edge if you don’t ride for 5 weeks, but you should be able to regain it pretty easily.

It wont lower your skill cause i went to hospital and had to stop riding for a month, you may loose a bit of confidence but you will just regain that.

but stewSquared is only 17 years old. :D:D:D