How much PSI can a 36" "TA" tire hold up?

Hi All,

My 36" TA tire has the following label on it: “INFLATE TO 32 P.S.I.”

Does it mean that 32 PSI is the maximum allowed for this tire or it is the recommended value?

Especially, because I am about to go tubeless I’d like to know if this is a limitation.


This is the maximum value for tire safety, this is quite low but I know some persons are riding the TA at higher PSI

Thanks for your response.

So basically, if I will inflate it to ~40 PSI I might endanger myself in any way?
What are the risks?

I’ve run the TA36 at 50-60 lbs for a lot of miles and never had any problems. IMHO, if its gonna blow off the rim, its going to happen with in a few minutes or an hour at the most after inflating to the higher PSI

I run my TA at 40 PSi and havent had any issues with it in 250 odd kays.

I think it depends a lot on the specific rim and tyre you have. In my experience 36" stuff is extremely variable and you just have to hope you’re lucky with your combination. My TA was a very tight fit on my old steel rim, but so loose on my Mk 1 Stealth rim that it blows off at 40psi.

Personally I find anything over about 30psi is horrible with the TA anyway - it just pulls to the side too badly on cambered roads at higher pressure. Other people will say the opposite is true (perhaps it gets better again at 50psi+ if it hasn’t fallen off by then, I don’t know), but I ride mostly xc anyway so I’m happy with 25psi :slight_smile:

If you want to try it, just keep your face and other vulnerable parts out of the way while you’re pumping it up - if it goes it goes spectacularly. Probably won’t do the tyre or rim any damage, just destroy the tube as it blows out of the gap.