how much is a KH 20 inch trials worth?

I’m moving and my neighbour wants to buy it for his son. I know they were $200 US new when I got mine two or three years ago. Its got the bad cranks that should probably be replaced. Otherwise its in excellent condition with a new seat. What’s a fair price?


200$ im my humble opinion…


They’ve gone up in price a lot since then, so since it’s worth more and it’s used, I think sell it to him for as much as you bought it for.

What’s it worth?

You’ll be doing them a favor by selling it for $200.00. Those cranks are not “bad”. They are some of the better ones available, and there is a simple fix for the ankle bashing protrusion. It is a new bolt with a rounded head available from Darren Bedford of Bedford unicyles. If they think that’s too much, let me know and I’ll buy it from you!

Re: how much is a KH 20 inch trials worth?

Is it the splined version or the standard square tapered hub version?

Its got the square hub with the Lasco (I think that’s the right spelling) cranks. The right one can come a little loose (I carry a ratchet) with some hard riding.

And how about an old Schwinn? Its in overall good condition with some minor surface rust.


Check eBay for a value on the Schwinn. There seems to always be a handfull of them for sale and they do sell but not for much.