how much inch should i cut off of my seatpost

hello can anyone tell me if i should cut about how many inches off a torker lx unistar

i just bought a torker lx and today i just recieved it but i tryed it and it was kinda high because i can only reach the pedal a lil bit

i have a 20" unicycle and it ussually says that 20" min requirement is 28" inside leg and i have a shoe that is 1" with a inside leg of 27" just how many inches you think i should cut off the unicycle without bending my knee when on the unicycle when you unicycle can you just ride a unicycle that is 2" less cut off i was thinking of going 2" cut off but i dont know how much so i dont bend my knee when riding and stressing my legs i ment tired

thanks for your time reading this

any good suggestion that will not make it hard for me to ride the uni is needed badly for me my mom i have to beg a million time to let me get it

2 inches (I wish i new how many cm that is)
probably 2.5cm or something.

For normal riding you should have your leg almost straight at the bottom of the pedal stroke. Put the saddle as low as it will go without the seatpost touching the tyre, then sit on it. With one pedal at its lowest point (pointing straight down), try to put the heel of your foot on it. If you can’t reach, measure the gap and cut that much off your seatpost. If you can rest your heel on the pedal with your leg straight, it will be about right when you pedal with the normal part of your foot (i.e. leg will be almost but not quite straight at the bottom).

If you get into trick riding or trials later you’ll probably want to cut a bit more off to have the saddle a bit lower, but that will be a good start for learning. You can always cut more off later, but if you cut too much off you’ll need to get a new seatpost.


EDIT: BTW, 2 inches is about 5cm.