How much have YOU spent?

Hey! I know that there was a poll posted not to long ago about how many unicycles people have. But what I am wondering is how much money you have invested since you got into the sport? Rounding numbers will be fine… This should be interesting…

Ok, my husband and I have been unicycling about a year and have about $1400 (USD) invested so far… ( I am anxious to see what some of you “big ballers” have spent!!)


I’ve spent… in Canadian funds.

$150 Norco Uni
$550 KH Trials Uni
$100 KH Leg Armour

$800 Total

Not much but I’ve only been going for about 5 months.

In my six months I’ve spent

£294 on unis (x2)
£55 on protective stuff.

That’s quite enough for me for a while!

  • Sam

ive had about … 4 different unicycles.

my first one was $`100 ( wich i made better)

second one was a beford “light” muni wich was about $300 i think.

my third one is the on i have now its a Yuni MUni wich cost me about $900, but im sponsored so i got it for 1/2.

I have an onza on the way wich cost me about $450.

so all together…( drum roll plz)

$about $1750 i think ( canadian) and thats if u dont count the discounts i get.


Torker 24" $100
upgrades $90
apparel $80
trials uni $190

all of those include shipping.

so $460(usd) Ive been in this for 4 years this july. I am amazed at how people that have barely been riding a year can want a brand new unicycle and not just upgrades.

i’m probably sitting somewhere in between $2000 - 3000


I started unicycling over 25 years ago. Still I’ve probably spent less than many here (and I’m not nearly the rider I should be for spending that much time riding)

It’s impossible to say for sure but I’d bet that since I started riding I’ve spent less than $2500.

Many of my first unicycles were either free of very cheap. They had, for the most part been discarded by the previous owners.

My very first unicycle was homemade from free parts of a large childrens tricycle.

I’d certainly like to spend more, but as they say: “you’ve got to make money to spend money” (or is it the other way around?)


p.o.s. 24" $15
20 Torker $100
24x3 Yuni Muni with upgrades $365
28" Sun $100
Coker $290
Protective gear, computers, pedal upgrades, saddle upgrades, etc @ $200
Little over $1000 in less than a year

Learning to ride a uni= PRICELESS!!! :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

Used Coker $250.00
Coker Upgrades $427.00
29er $275.00
Yuni-26 $350.00
Yuni-24 $300.00
KH24 $449.00
KH24 Upgrades $165.00
Protective stuff $295.00
Sub Total $2,511.00

Stuff I had to buy for my wife to keep her from complaining about how munch I spent on unicycling = $5000

What! You guys have to be crazy to post on this thread. I would never, ever, try to figure out how much I’m in to unicycling for. Not only I do not want to know but, sure enough, my goddess of a wife would happen across the thread and then the fun would be over. As for now, she is very comforatbale knowing that my Wilder/Profile/CF-air seat/Gazz set-up cost me $89. She hasn’t asked directly how much it has cost US but she hears me telling people how much Torkers cost and she just assumes that this is the same sort of thing. I’m cool with that, too.


Tommy’s got the right idea.

  • Frank

I’ve only spent a little under $600 on unicycle stuff in my two years of riding.

Computers, now that’s another story… Speaking of computers, fold for team # 13392… I am the master of segues…

Is this in my entire unicycling career?

if it is its:
20" Nimbus £110
26" Max Traction £150+
20" Onza Free
20" Custom unicycle £80

plus cranks,seats,seat posts.

quite alot in seats anyway :s


I’m almost at $2000
-muni with brake

200 on my muni orginally, 200 on a new wheelset, and 50 more on new cranks.

350 on my trials

total: 800 usd

i have been riding 9 months

I’m a pretty cheap bastard

$15 for a used Miyata Flamingo
$30 for Pr1mo super tenderizer pedals
$55 in tubes, tires, duct tape, WD-40, paper towels, root beer, and neosporin

So, that’s about $100. Of course, There’s been at least $250 exchanged on my behalf for several unicycles, and cranks, but I’m cheap.

Personally for my wife this Hobby is a bargain compared to some of my others. I had to step away from upgrading my Jeep for a while. One of my friends bought the same Jeep I have last year. He spent about $26,000 new. Then with all the upgrades he is in for about $18,000 more conservatively. This is without even touching the engine. Cheap upgrades are $200-$300. So relatively speaking Uni cost nothing.

Keeping up with the Jones’s is alot easier on the wallet on this forum that it is on the Jeep forums.

Equipement I may have $1,200 3 people
Trip to NAUCC another $1,000 3 people (sort of mini vacation)

Not bad for 10 months. Won’t need another Uni for a while. Three were gifts. Birthday KH24, Christmas Summit 20, Daughters birthday 12inch
Torker Sealth 24 inch and 20 inch (One mine, one wifes.)

Assorted pads, Camel Back, tools, Shirt, Shorts, Tires etc…

Re: How much have YOU spent?

Oh oh, this is a bad thread for me. :astonished:

You can go through the Uni Count thread and get a good idea how much some people have spent on unicycles. However, the Uni Count thread won’t take into account the costs for equipment like pads, helmets, upgraded seats, upgraded pedals, new tires, cycling clothing, shoes, etc.

I know of $2500 in unicycles and hardware only.

What I don’t know includes clothing, travel, registration, development hardware, and everything else I forgot. And I forget alot.

What I got in return is lots of unicycles and cool hardware and lots of great new friends from all over the world. An unbelievable bargain, all things told. Cheap. Really cheap.

Re: How much have YOU spent?

On Sat, 10 Jan 2004 19:31:18 -0600, muddycycle
<> wrote:

>Stuff I had to buy for my wife to keep her from complaining about how
>munch I spent on unicycling = $5000

That seems like overcompensation. So what about other stuff you had to
buy for yourself to keep even? :slight_smile:

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