How much have you spent on Unicycling this year

As title says how much have you spent on unicycling related products so far this year?

KH street saddle £27.50
2nd hand Muni £150.00
KH bearing clamps(import) £35.00
Odyssey pedals £27.95
Seat Post £9.00
Seat post clamp £8.00
Standard frame(import-black) £20.00

Total £277.45 (not including p&p costs)

Bollocks that much already, its only get worse as the year goes on too. All worth it though I reckon.

0$ and probably wont spend anything

This year I’ve bought a new KH muni(660) a new KH trials (590) kona jackshit pedals(60) and a used magura(120). A total of $1430(but I probably wont spend much more)

£80+ going up coz rim is bent

In year 2007 I’ve spent 675.70 € (899.87 $ = 458.11 £) for unicycling and in one year (Although I’ve unicycled just under six months) I’ve spent 1379.70 € (1837.43 $ = 935.40 £) . In June I’ve probably spent total 7178.40 € (2368.40 $ = 1205.71 £) and in this year 1074.4 € (1430.84 $ = 728.42 £)

In 2007:

  • 165 mm KH ISIS Moment -07 Cranks
  • Some magnesium pedals
  • 661 4x4 Shin guards
  • KH 20" Trial/Street unicycle -07
  • 20" Nimbus BC Wheel 2007
  • 25.4 mm seat post clamp

Edit: In this year I’ll spend about 1500 € for unicyling and then I’ve (almost) everything I need. :slight_smile:

I spent $70 so far this year.

Odyssey Jim Cielencki’s in the wicked bright fluorescent yellow.

making a movie: $12,000

Owned :sunglasses:

20 bucks getting ripped off at my LBS. Other than that, about 300 to get a Bedford 29" pretty soon.

Holy crap. Care to break that down for us? I’m curious…

mostly travelling expenses, car rentals, gas, airfare (which would have been higher if not for the generosity of unicyclists at a few of the sports, Gilby and Justonewheel, in particular)

camera stuff, camera repairs, broken wide angle lenses, music copyrights, replication costs, shipping cameras to australia, tapes, hardrives, blah blah blah… it all adds up (and fast!)

That doesn’t even include the Glidecam setup I was sponsored with!

on a side note, TWNR cost roughly $5000 to make

edit: and isaac lemasters’ hospitality as well!

Cranks £15

I reckon it’s probably dwarfed by the fact I eat twice as much as I would if I wasn’t riding. Not to mention money spent travelling to ride. Money spent on pies and beer while out riding etc.


$550 au on me new uni, and $60 au on veggie wraps, thats all.

Coming this weekend, it will be $250 on a Torker DX 20.

New helmet - £25
Crappy plastic pedals for flatland and grinding - £3

Both buys are well worth the money. I just love those pedals and the helmet is great.

Edit: Total - £28

Buying a 2nd helmet - $30
Magnesium pedals for coker - $80
Making my unicycle even more fun with these things - priceless\

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Just my Harbinger wrist guards, for around $20. I got my two unicycles in the last four months of 2006 though, so I have spent a lot recently.

I need to find an employer lol :stuck_out_tongue:

so far 0.00$

but soon 19$ for fusion saddle cover.

and 323$ for the qu-ax trials

and 59$ for kh leg armor.

so by the end of the year 401 plus s&h

well in the PAST year
$200 brand new torker dx 2005
$100 for fat rim, tire, spokes etc
$100 for seat, bumper and defect. (AAAAHHHH)
$35 new pedals
$15 new seatclamp

shoulda got a KH … lol
but $100 was a gift certificate for winning the iwannagotomoab video contest.