How much $ for summit?

I would like to know about how much a 2003 summit trials is worth?

also,i think i heard that there wernt made any more,is this true?

Depends…are you buying or selling? What condition? Stock?

used on ebay.good condition.It says:“only ridden 2 miles”.“only scrathes on pedals”.
stock,i guess i dont know what parts thyey come with.
2003 model.
it has alex dx 32 rim,“freestyle” seat that looks just like a kh or torker dx seat.splined…

I got mine for $250. If you can get it for that price, I think it’s a good deal. Remember that the components are similar to a 2003 KH20, which sold for around $400. I don’t think the summit has the modified KH hub, so it will most likely still have the nubs on it.


Thats the main reason I asked. If you were selling I wouldn’t have mentioned it (to prevent you from having comptetition), but if you were buying but didn’t know about it, I would have told you. I saw it a few days ago.

I would say the price depends a lot on what you are willing to pay and how much you need a trials unicycle. I used to need one bad, so I would have spent a great deal. The summit looks like its in good shape, and it comes with a KH seat. A comperable unicycle would cost you $420 new(KH20). Just consider that. I would probably spend $250 or so, depending on how much you want it.

Also, take into account that it costs $33 to ship, which is probably a little high.

I guess it depends on how many people bid on it.

Well so much for that.

I guess il still be doing trials on a 24" forever.

Haha, that sucks. I feel so good about the deal I got on my trials now!

wow it went for $336.50 with s/h. Its the same kind of summit I have. It has the man-o-war on the hub and the frame holds the hub slightly off then where it should be.

EDIT: I got my summit for $190 with s/h with a viscount.

Its hard to see on the pictures but its there. Its easier to see in person.

Nah they all seem to do that. Joe’s summit does. So do Nicks and my KH.

Yeah, the wheel on mine seems a bit offset too. By the way, I got mine for $212 shipped, but I need a seat, a post and pedals too, so it will be more like $312. Still cheaper than the KH though.