how much for nimbus 2 20

how much should i ask for a nimbus 2 20. 2 or so months of riding on it. nothing serious. no creaks in cranks, click in pedal.

any pictures?

25c yeah thats a good price


some scratches but only cosmetic.

do you have any pictures?
do you have any ideas on how much you’re selling it for?

if nothing’s bent or broken I would say go ahead and try for 100. If you put a trials unicycle on ebay, it tends to get alot of attention so try that and start your bid at 70ish. hope this helped. (or just sell it to mars volta)

no. im selling to tom. just wondering how much to ask

about 10 dollars.

why, that seems a bit high dont you think?

2 $

half the price of new is a good start. THen if its in perfect condition maybe abit more. BUt no more than 2/3 of the price new… depends howmuch u like ur friend and how much money u need.

fine i know when im not wanted. hmpfff walks away
im buying Tom (tobbogonist’s) anyway, your’s is not good enough for me, so ha take that.
hehe just kidding man
or am i???