How Much does yout Trials Rig Weigh, And how does it effect your riding?

So this is a two part question thread…

If you can, go weigh your Trials uni and see how much it weighs.

Then discuss if you think that the weight difference from one uni to another will effect a riders performance. And try to keep the thread sensible…I kno that a 25lbs uni will not be able to jump as high as say a 10lb uni…I mean like the difference between a 12lb-15lb uni.

Ill weigh mine tommrow and tell you guys what it is.

Personnaly i dont think that weight has any significant effect on rider performance.

I don’t know how much mine weighs, I have a kh05 wheel and CF seat. I used to ride it with a summit frame and now I am riding it with my old bedford frame. I don’t think the extra weight effects much. The biggest thing that holds you back is knowing that its heavy. An extra couple pounds shouldn’t hold back your hop. The time that I do notice the extra weight is some flatland stuff where unispins are involved. It is much easier so whip around a ligher uni. The summit frame is like a brick but the disadvantages are usually mental (well for me).

Some people complain about weight way too much. I have seen a ton of those “I have a new torker dx and I can’t hop as high” threads. :roll_eyes:

i have a bedford frame and hk/onza hub and cranks… i well this is basicly the only uni i have done tricks on… it is 13 lbs i think i dont think there is a difference unless it is about a 4 pound difference… and a lot of it is self confidence… b4 i got my 661’s i couldnt even jump a bench, then the first time i tried a bench with them on i did it first try…

my KH 05 with nimbus gel seat and mag pedals weighs 11.5 pounds, so I can’t complain about weight at all.:slight_smile:

I do think weight affects hop height, but I think tire pressure effects it more.
weight makes a big difference for unispins and stuff.

My trials uni weighs less than my bike.

The way weight effects riding performance is the same as when it was discussed in all 50 other threads that cover this topic. Good god, when does it stop? What next… “How does the weight of your ‘Unicycle for Christ’ sticker effect your trials riding?”

i agree. I think self confidence is what affects it.

mine wieghs aproxomitly 13-14lbs. I haven’t really ridden any other rigs. but the main difference I noticed between my trials and learner was the tire and having a handle, my learner is lighter but dosen’t have a good tire or a handle so I jump slightly lower

My Torkerbus weighs about 14 pounds, and I can hop just as well on it as I can on my friends new bedford frame, cf base, and profile wheelset. Compared to mine, his is light, and seeing how its top of the line, it gives me more confidence which could increase the height, but nothing serious.

So I really dont think weight really makes a difference.

I guess it could from going to a regular uni to a trials, cause my friend always complains how he cant do things on his regular LX uni, cause he doesnt have a trials, so I let him use mine, which is like a 5 pound increase of weight, and he cant do it on mine. So maybe it makes a difference once you first get a trials, but that should go away after a few rides.

Mine is around 11.5-12 lbs.

The only thing that I’ve done to drop the weight to where it is today, is change my original-style KH seat with a brake-post-adaptor, to a scott wallis de-rail carbon fibre base. The only difference in weight was the elimination of the original KH base/handles, and the brake-post-adaptor. I ride minimal foam compared to the brick that’s in the KH seats…but between this change, and the elmination of some of the thompson post pieces, a smidgen of weight has dropped.

I barely noticed the difference at first. I did notice how much easier a low-profile seat, with sif trials grips, was to hold than my old seat. More than that, what stood out to me was the lack of seat flex that i’d previously been used to.

So, what I think, is that more than weight, what’s most important to me is a unicycle with minimal flex, and good tire compression. This is where you’ll conserve the most energy in terms of trials.

Beyond those two things, it’s mental. Ride a unicycle that you’re comfortable on/with mentally, and one that’s comfortable to ride physically as well.


Maybe I’m just not that weight conscious though. I’m still riding a cromoly frame, instead of aluminum, and I don’t plan on making a switch in the near future.

15 lbs.

torker dx

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sorry but that made me laugh

edit: that sounded kind of jerkish. no offence

I went from a 10 pound LX to a 14.5 pound DX and after about a week I could jump my average 22 inches seat in.

You just have to get used to it.

you have a bunch of good points there.

i think it makes a difference if you got use to using one that weighs like 12 pounds to a 15 pound uni. i also think it is in you head. If you know it is heavier then your brian will say its heavier. once you get use to something it is weird when you change but you get use to it

Really!! you must have spent a lot of money getting ur uni that light…

Haha some of these replies are awesome.

“my trials uni weighs somewhere between 6 and 35 pounds”

edit: approximately