how much does the KH fusion street gel saddle weigh?

i want to know so i know how much shipping from NZ will cost.
any help?

it’s $20 NZ.

im also getting a carbon fibre seatbase, so that will add weight.

but how much does the kh gel saddle weigh?

underneath the product on the page its listed you can click on work out shipping, you select aus and it tells you the price.

yeah i just realised that before you posted. i always forget aout it.
so you were right when you said it $20
That equals 17.8274 AUD + 199.585 AUD for the seatbase and saddle
sweet i have enough money


to get my post frame clamp and seat shipped over was pretty cheap really so a cf base wont add too much.

ok then. also i think you replied before i edited my post.
thanks for the help

KH street saddle is 806g.

Found it here.