How much does Seat Height effect hopping Height?

Well ive just watched a video called Wammy Wa, not sure who its by but I think he could improve his hopping if he lowered the seat. Which comes to my question.
How much of a differnce does seat height make on hopping height? I have mine really low and I find it helps with rolling hops, its a bit harder for seat out stuff in the way I have to bend further down for the seat.


i think that it definatley helps with seat in hopping, it gives a ton more room for you to pull up the wheel beneath you.

I used to ride with my seat pretty high - pretty much to the full extent of my inseem. It wasn’t until I dropped my seat some and got comfortable riding at that height that I was able to start hopping with any real effect.

SIF usually makes this moot - but keep in mind that having the seat a bit lower also helps for pulling the seat out and popping it back in.