How much $ does it take to get spokes tightened at lbs

About how much does it cost to have your spokes tightened at a bike shop!
Please don’t tell me to do it myself
(I don’t have the tool, or the pacience:( )

$30 WOWO! thats more than I expected, anyone else have other ammounts from personal experience?

Cost 40 at mine. So i had my dad learn how, and he does it for me now.

10 for me!!

Call them and ask?

bike shops usually do mine for around $5, or even free if I buy something.

My LBS once trued the wheel on my b*ke and some other things for free after I crashed it so I could ride it home (I buy most of my stuff there). Later that week I took it to a local volunteer bike shop where I fixed the rest of it except for the bent frame.

Tightening is really easy. Trueing is a bit harder to learn, but worthwhile. My LBS does maintenance clinics every month or so on different topics in the spring and summer.

yeah, it should be 10$, but ask if there is a discount cause its only 1 wheel.

I will deffinatly ask for the 1 wheel discount, THANKS!:slight_smile:

Mine is free, it’s called a spoke key… It’s not that hard man.

The one thing I asked for, don’t tell me to do it myself. :thinking: I just wanted to know if I was getting ripped off or not. I feel that $12 is the max price I will pay for the job!. If I can’t find $12 or under, I will find another way:o . Thanks for the helpful comments spongebob uni guy!!

I pay £10, so $20 i suppose.

hahahahahaha vanpaun got called spongebob uni guy! Oh thats funny.

Wow, if anyone will pay me tha much I will willingly true any wheel (within reason)

Dude I know you said not to, but, learn how to do it yourself. Its definatly benificial, not only will it save you money it will save you time and effort. Spoke keys are tiny, you can carry it with you all the time and easily keep your wheel spinning true.

buy a spoke key
its really easy to tighten spokes
just dont rush it

Doesn’t anyone else see something inherently wrong with this?

no tools, no patience, no money = no luck.

For $12, maybe one of your friends with patience and a tool will true your wheel. I wouldn’t expect someone who has to earn a living to accept that little money.

I see Tyler in upper managment.

He doesn’t want you to hand him the spoon, he wants you to put it in his mouth.


around here a spoke key costs almost as much as a wheel true;)