How much does being short/tall effect side/rolling hop height?

I’m a little short for my age. I’m approx 151cm tall (14 yrs of age). I was wondering how much higher I could roll or side hop if I was about 170cm tall or something. (I guess it only depends on the length of legs?)

Please comment on anything about this topic as I am fairly interested because I am short.

Thanks. :sunglasses:

there is a guy over here in Denmark. He is about 1.40m and he can rolling hop 85cm and got pretty close to 90cm… so I don’t guess it’ll effect that much… but maybe he could do about 110 if he was taller…


I suppose a longer body could be used for a little greater momentum in jumps, just as a trials bike can jump higher due to the frame’s extension away from the wheel axle. Make any sense? But then the taller rider, to output such energy, is almost guaranteed to weigh more, so he has to lift the extra weight too. A shorter rider with lots of fast-twitch muscle fibers will be able to jump just as high.

And, in the end, we don’t get to choose how tall we are, and that’s why most sports are not divided up by body size. Weight maybe, but seldom by size. In the past there were requests for this in unicycle racing, but nobody could ever prove one size was “better” than another. For every tall, skinny fast rider, someone was able to point out a shorter, more muscular one, etc.

I don’t think you can hop a lot higher if you are taller…
The obstakels just look smaller :stuck_out_tongue:

I met Gerblefranklin when he was about 4 feet tall.

And he could rolling hop his height. On a CrMo KH 24.

I think bionics might’ve been involved. You can never tell these days.

A while ago i saw a vid of an awesome 11-12 year old rider, maybe even 10 years old, and he hit about 85 cm. He was shorter, needless to say, but it was awesome.

Speaking of which, does anyone know what vid i’m talking about?

I think it could effect a sidehop, as you cant tuck as much if your shorter…

i dont think the rolling hop gets affected as much though, have you seen Hugos videos ??
Hes pretty short, but he can rolling hop 100 cm !!!

marcus hahn is pretty small and he got 114cm

Oskar on UTV. He is pretty beast.

Link me?

Conversation sounds pretty good so far. There seems to be a difference in the rolling hops and sidehops. I think that being shorter, you have shorter legs which means less tuck but this wouldn’t stop me from getting 100cm I guess. It’s just that If I got 100cm being 150cm tall, I could be getting say 120cm if I was taller.

Thanks for the discussion anyway.

You shouldnt even think that way.It will just take longer to get there than if a taller person were to do it.Youll still get there though