How Much Does a Koxx1 Steel Frame Weigh?

Anyone know what a Koxx1 Steel Frame (Devil, Orange Bud, DH Pro) steel frame weighs? It’s not available on the K1 Web site.


It’s available just look… it weighs 739g

Most major frames have been weighed by this French shop, all of them on the same scale :

For conversions from metric to Imperial, use google :

Yeah…you’re right. It’s on the K1 Web site. I was looking in the tech specs instead of seeing the weight in the lower right side of the page.

HOWEVER, the French site mentioned above lists the weight of K1 Devil frame as 842 grams while the K1 site says 739 grams–a difference of slightly less than 1/4 pound (3.6 ounces). On the other hand, the French site weight for the XTP frame is virtually the same as the K1 site. The KH frame weights are also pretty close.

1/4 pound is not all that much, but it’s the difference between a K1 “cheese hole” trials rim and the K1 solid, stronger, street rim.

Finally, the same French bike store list the weight of a complete K1 Devil at 5800 grams while K1 says 5700 grams–that same 1/4 pound difference.

Bottom line–the K1 Devil frame is probably about 840 grams–not terrible for a CrMo frame, but not KH light either.

you living in Colorado I see no advantage whatsoever to get a K1 CrMo frame over a KH