How Much Do I Like My 36er? Here's How Much...

Last Saturday I picked up my shiny new titanium road bike from my LBS. So far, the bike has been ridden exactly 0 miles. It was a nice sunny day when I picked it up, so naturally I parked the bike and took off on the uni. Twirled up a nice 23-miler and had a blast!
I will definitely ride the bike this season, mainly for some distance events and tours, but lately I’ve been getting good enough on the one-wheel that the enjoyment level is just making it really hard ride anything else when I have a free afternoon. Maybe I’ll bore some holes in the bike frame and wire it as a floor lamp. :smiley:

I got a META trials bike setting in the rafter because of my unicycle :stuck_out_tongue: we are in the same boat

About six years ago, I purchased a 20" Torker, 36" Coker, and a full Dura Ace CF Kestrel Talon all at the same time. I knew that I was going to end up on the Coker and thought that if I purchased the Coker it would encourage me to practice. It worked…within a couple of weeks on the Torker, I was ready for the Coker. That month, I put zero miles on the Kestrel. I said the same thing you did: 'I’ll ride the bike for group rides." That never happened. I never did get back on that bike or any other bike, for that matter. That year, my wife gave me the biggest guilt trip for buying that bike. I ended up loosing a lot of money, because I ended up selling a brand new bike on Craigslist. I’m on my third 36er. After the Big One, I purchased a V2 and now I have a Triton. I’ll be riding my uni as long as my body will allow me to.

I’ve only had mine for a bit over a month, and I’m already looking at different tours to do this summer. Gotta love the 36.

I’ve said it way too many times already, but I’ll say it again, my 36er has totally revolutionized my riding.

hahahahhahahaha! …I had a feeling I wasn’t unique. :smiley:

Yeah, me too, well my 29er anyways. A year old 29er mountain bike, hangin in the garage, I would have been better off using that 2 grand as wallpaper…

It really says something about riding uni… left with the choice of hopping on a kick-ass-state-of-the-art bike or a simple-as-heck unicycle… I grab the uni everytime. If someone would have said this would happen to me 5 years ago I would have laughed my ass off! :slight_smile:

Reverse here (eventually)… After riding the unis for three years I dusted off my road bikes that I hadn’t ridden in over 10 years and got out on two wheels again.

I even got in one MTB ride recently after more than a dozen years- scary fast through the trees!

I’ve been juggling* riding the 36, 26 unis and fixie road bike the last couple of months and having fun whenever I’m out. Trying to get some performance paddling back into the mix with a couple of sessions in the surfski in the last couple of days. Too many toys is a good thing.

I think the uni and multi sport approach keep it fresh and fun. Any activity is better than none : )


*Note to self: need to start actual juggling with the clubs again. Fire is fun- time is finite.

…ah, then there is hope! I do feel a little guilty when I miss a big bike workout, since as fun as it is, I don’t think the uni exactly replaces the two-wheeler as a form of exercise, but you’re right: having both in your stable makes for a very fun mix! :wink:

I using my MTB Ghost bike to ride around the city for my business purposes.
Unis are for workout and fun.

But this month I am going to ride some long distances on my QA36 :roll_eyes:

My suspension framed MTB is sitting in the shed with no pedals because I stole them for one of my unicycles :o


Hmmm… what should I ride today - the b*ke or the uni? that is the question. So here’s a picture of the answer. My bike has been under wraps for several months whilst my uni’s have not :wink:


I bought a bike about the time I really got into unicycles. I have ridden it less than 5 miles.

I pulled some nice pedals off my bike too, now it has crappy torker lx pedals on it.

I sold all my fancy bike stuff after my first year of riding unis as they were not getting ridden at all, the mtb SS funded my 36er purchase :slight_smile:

In the five years that I have been riding unis I have ridden less that a 1/4 mile on a bike.

I have an old Surly 1 x 1 that I picked up cheap, rehabed, never ridden, but I keep it “just in case”.

Bikes are lame :stuck_out_tongue:

Love my unis, love my bikes; try to ride all of 'em as much as I can but do go through cycles (sorry) of interest.