How much could I get for my BC wheel?

Hi I was wondering how much money I could get for my BC Wheel?


Aluminum Alex DX32 36 hole Rim (Ridden On it like 3 times)

Maxxis Creepy Crawler 20x2.5 Slightly Warn

Homemade BC Wheel plates 1/4" thick. Black

Monty Quando Hub

I want to know how much I could get for it…And if someone has something unicycle related they would want to trade I could consider that.



Anyone know how much I could get for it?

why you selling it?

yeah why? I’m making my own right now but otherwise I would consider buying it…

well im just wonderng how much i could get for it…and if it was worth it i would sell it so give me an offer.

oh, well I would make an offer but I’m making my own right now…

Ok well could you tell me what you think i could get for it or just tell me what your offer would have been. just so i can know what to expect.

how much did you spend on the parts?

Well it was Ebay sooo I dont know how much stuff would be brandnew?

Get a picture of the plates.


Thanks, no really what could i get for it?

$3.96, final offer.

i might pay 25usd for the wheel.

well there goes my attempts at low balling him.

I found the majority of the parts and added them up and then subracted $10 from each beause he said they were worn and used and stuff, and came up with a grand total of about 60 USD so 60 USD would be what you would get for it if you made the buyer pay shipping if you had free shipping you would probably only get about 40-45 USD for it depending on shipping cost and who you ship through…

I will give you 50$ CDN, and if you live close i will pick it up this week… where do you live in ontario??

ooh thats nice, worth more than 50 bucks, the rim alone is worth more, and its stronger than a normal bc wheel, probably gives you better balance because its thicker, it doesnt have the best plates but good enough to ride in.

I am “Still” making a giraffe unicycle, trying to get my dad out there more so we can continue making it, but its been so hot latly, I only want to be out for unicycling, then sports.

not really, since he got all the parts used… who ever gets these parts will the the third owner, so you never know whats up with them… i think that 50$ and if you pick up the uni, or cover shiping fees is a good deal. either way its kinda sketchy.