how much can i cut down the foam on my kh seat

how much can i cut down the foam on my kh style seat

As much as you like. You can even remove the foam altogether, though it will leave you with a less-than-comfortable ride.

First, let’s find out why you want to cut it down, and what kind of riding you’ll use it for… then we can help you decide how much and where to cut.

If you just want to make it a little more comfortable, just take an inch slice off the top of the “nose” of the seat. If you want something for super-tech street / seat-out trials, then you’ll probably want to lose the foam altogether and replace it with a gel insert or a small bit of foam rubber or something…

This is how I cut down my Fusion (scroll down to the bottom of the gallery): Airseat gallery

Use an electric carving knife to cut the foam. You get a very nice smooth cut. Do not use a utility knife cause you’ll just make a ragged mess. You could probably also use a hack saw with a good blade, but I haven’t tried that so I don’t know how smooth and even of a cut you’ll get. But definitely do not use a utility knife or a razor blade style knife, you’ll just ruin the foam.

also i am using this for muni i have been told cut it by half
but hwen u ,mesure half do u measure it from the botom of the side foam or where the side foam ends?

If you’re going for muni I’d cut it like I did in the gallery I posted. That flattens out the seat curve and makes it more comfortable. For muni you don’t need a thin seat.

For trials or freestyle you can cut it down in half. Cut the bottom half off and discard the bottom half. That way you still have the smooth top part to sit on. The contour on the top half is important for comfort. If you cut off the top you’ll have a more difficult time shaping it to get it comfortable again.