How much abuse will it stand?

I was just wondering how much abuse my unicycle will stand. I have a nimbus II unicycle that my friend gave me when he got a new one. This is it new at :

I learned how to ride it and am getting really interested in street, I can go backwards, 180 hops, and up and down stairs, and crank stalling. :slight_smile: I am trying to save up for a street unicycle but right now I can’t afford one.

I have dropped about three feet with out breaking my unicycle but I don’t want to break it before I get a new one. How much more can I do before for instance the wheel rim collapses or the cranks break?


not much longer if you continue to do hops and drops on it. Take it easy on it. You need a splined a hub and a much stronger rim if you’re plannin on street

It’s metal fatigue, people, not “how hard” something can be hit. Keep doing 3’ drops, or a lot more 2’ drops, and eventually the axle will break. That’s a major repair, but at least these days you can get new axles. Taco-ing a wheel is not quite so major; you only need to replace rim & spokes.

So start saving up, and ride gently until you can afford a beefier cycle. If it breaks, you can still fix it.

not very long. Even small hops on a unicycle like that are kidna dangerous, non splined axles, single walled rims all dont like hops. And I would disagree with anyone saying Two foot drops are ok, you can break that with a 20cm drop if you dont land particularly well, and you can definately bend the cranks!

so far i’ve been careful with mine, not doing many drops, but yesterday i was trying crankrolls and static wraps for the hell of it and one of my cranks is slightly bent :frowning: at least im getting my nimbus trials soon :smiley:

Ok thanks

I will be more careful from now on,

I am looking for a new unicycle and am saving up for it.

This one could stand up to drops and grinds right?

probably would however upgrade to kh moments the quax ones arent the best