How much abuse can a Torker CX take?

OK I’ve progressed to the point I can ride almost indefinately so I’ve begun riding in grass and off of curbs. I’m riding a 24" Torker CX which I know is a beginner uni. If I continue riding off of curbs, am I likely to bend my rim?

Even though I got this cheap ($50) and I plan on eventually getting a Nimbus or KH, it would be a shame to trash my 24". If it matters much, I weigh 150 pounds.

Obligatory Torker Joke:
Unfortunately my CX is not an 09 model since they are indestructable.

None of the lower priced learner uni’s are designed for much abuse. Curbs could damage your rim. It sounds like its time to upgrade to a more rugged (splined axel) uni. save your CX to lend out to someone who wants to learn to ride.

I see you’ve been reading here before just posting, good for you!

As for how much abuse, the safe answer is “less than stronger models.” That said, years ago, all unicycles were made with wheels basically like the Torker CX, and we did all sorts of things with them. But you have to keep the big hops & drops limited, because eventually the cranks will bend or the axle will fatigue and break.

As for riding off curbs, one bad landing can kill most any wheel. But if you’re landing straight & square, the wheel itself should be all right; it’s the axle and cranks that take the punishment.

So, if you know you’re going to want to go bigger and ride harder, best to start saving up now for something with a splined axle. You can always have the CX for basic riding, teaching your friends, etc.

Harley and JohnFoss,

Thanks for the replies. My budget is not good at the moment and I’m having way too much fun to wreck my uni. I’ll avoid the curbs and just focus on achieving level 1 for now.