How many wrapwalks? 25 wrapwalks?!

Is this 25 wrapwalks? maybe… Maybe not…

Haha… That was ace.:wink:

That was cool, but I noticed he only used his right foot to walk the wheel. What about walking the wheel with each foot as it wraps around?

Nobody does that :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not? :thinking:

Awesome, but why is there grass on the roof in the building behind you.

So when you walk on it, you get “high” on grass! Might be tricky getting a lawn mower up there! :stuck_out_tongue: (I’ll bet they get great reception to the Home & Garden channel!) Oh crap, here come Officer Loomis!

It’s because the momentum pushes the other crank.

That was awesome, is there a record for this or anything??? The most I’ve seen before this was 12…

I think im the online 1 that have done that much :thinking: But i know Elliot have done 100 wrap walks but i haven’t seen more

Is there video of anyone doing those backwards? That would be amazing!:smiley:

Fakie rolling wraps are so awkward, I don’t like them.

lol why does everybody say fakie crankroll :stuck_out_tongue: it’s called inside crankroll

Because they aren’t talking about inside rolls, they are talking about fakie rolling wraps. A lot of people do them but I have never seen more than one in a row.
Why does everyone say wrapwalk when it’s called rolling wrap :wink:

what ur record emile?

I’m not sure what my record is. I like combos so I don’t really do one thing in a row over and over.

I think its very environmentally friendly…it helps with insulation, and keeps plant life in normally “dead” areas, I think its a great idea and want to do it on my home one day.

that was pretty cool…very consistent.

there is no grass on the roof. there is a roof underneath the grass

lol Awesome. You should of kept on going.

Yes its Grass on the roof, but its grass on the roof just because it should look nice

My record is 27 rollingwraps to insideroll. Its grass on the roof just because when it rains much the underground watersystem get overflowed, but if there is grass on some roofs they will take up some rain and the watersystem wont get overflowed