How many unis?

Hey all,

I’m a new poster. I just joined the list after reading the post on Austin riding by Eyal from Santa Barbara.

I live in St. Pete, FL and plan on getting back into riding (after 15 years!) with a little distance and fitness riding, so I just ordered a 28".

As I mentioned in my other post about Austin, I can now see the need for a muni, a graffe, and a trials uni, at least!

My question is, how many unis do most of you own, and what prcentage of time do you spend riding each?

If this subject is in the archives, please forgive my newby-ness!

I’m looking forward to learning much from all you experts out there!

Take it easy,


hi paul

a trials 20" - 1-2 hours a day
and a 24" - 15 mins a day, except when out muning.

try using the search option to see previous posts on similar topics. there has already been a couple of posts like this.

i have 2 unis

learner thing that is upgraded and used for muni

and a qu-ax trials unicycle




I own three unicycles: a Torker CX, a crappy savage that a clown gave to me because he hated it, and a Summit Trials. I ride my summit 100% of the time that I am riding.


Try again

Uni count.

Well if your not short on cash than you should at least get your self a 20in trials, a 24in muni, and of course a coker. I don’t know about a giraffe. I’d get those other unicycle before that.

those are some hott unis pdc.

I own two right now…
KH20 trials uni

I ride the Coker most of the time, but I would really prefer to ride the KH20 most of the time. now that summer’s started that’ll probably happen.
next on my list is a Bedford BC Wheel, and perhaps sometime in the future a MUni…

I have three Unicycles now, but I think I will just use my new Kris Holm XC 24". I have a 26" Pashley Muni, and a basic 20" that I started with.

Now that I have my Kris Holm, I don’t think I will go back to the Pashley. The only way I would use it now would be with shorter cranks, and a slick road tyre.


I’m packin a 24 inch muni, 36 er, and a 5 foot G raf

The affore mentioned unicount post indicated that the total number of unicycles owned by 393 people was 1331 unicycles. That’s just under 3.4 unicycles each.

In general the longer you are passionate about unicycling the more unicycles you will accumulate. The limiting factor tends to be how much disposable income you have :slight_smile:

I usually own between 5 and 8 unicycles depending on how poor I am (I sometimes am forced to sell unicycles I don’t use much to fund the next purchase). Many of my unicycles are worth over $1000.

Currently I have 7:
20" learner (mark3)
20" customized miyata freestyle
24" KH Muni 2005 model
26" Muni (currently dead due to hub abuse)
28" DM
36" Coker
20" UW

I’ve sold
20" learner mark1
20" learner mark2
24" racer
20" giraffe
20" trials

The unicycles I would use the most if I had my pick are the following:
26" Muni
20" trials

You’ll notice that I only have one of those at my disposal at the moment :frowning:

What gets the most use also changes with time.
Initially all I did was freestyle, then I started commuting, then I got in to Muni. Now I mostly ride long distance and commute because that’s all I have time for.

I have 1 24x2.6 torker DX muni,

1 20"torker DX wich is my trials/street and freestyle uni.

If I had the money, I would own LOTS more than that.

I fail to see the logic in that…

I have 1 more than in the previous thread that we did this.
Now I have:
20" Nimbus II
24" Nimbus II
24" onza muni

I think I would like to sell the 24" nimbus cos I love the muni and like riding it more. Eventually I would like to get a bigger one - 29" or coker.


Thirty-something. Most of these are ridden 0% of the time, and they are more like a collection.

The ones that get ridden most are:
Coker - for riding to work and occasional other rides
Wilder MUni - for the trails
GB4 29er - Light & fast MUni or 700c racing
BC wheel - Occasional practicing (I want a newer one!)

Every once in a while I do shows, which may include some of the above, and will also usually have:
Wyganowski 20" Freestyle - Freestyle
Unicycle Factory 12" - Tiny uni
Unicycle Factory 45" - Big wheel
20" Handlebar uni - handlebars
Homemade 24" Ultimate - I suck on it
Schwinn Giraffe - giraffe
Bauer Artistic Bicycle - yes, it has 2 wheels

Missing from my collection:

  • A useful Trials uni (mine is under-strength and dead)
  • 2 (or more) wheel stack unicycle

I have 2. A 24 inch Torker CX with an airseat (kindof) and a 20 inch Torker DX I am converting into a trials uni. I ride the CX all the time, because the DX dosn’t get here untill tomorrow.

Re: How many unis?

On Thu, 9 Jun 2005, paul_g wrote:

> My question is, how many unis do most of you own, and what prcentage of
> time do you spend riding each?

At one point at my peak, I owned 8 wheels…

  1. 20" learner - snapped right crank, so used for left-foot 1ft and
    wheelwalk only :slight_smile:

  2. 20" DM Ringmaster Pro - about 80% of all riding, freestyle.

  3. 16" DM - For novelty. Fun to wheelwalk.

  4. 26" Pashley Muni (Old Style) - was used for muni, but too heavy.

  5. 26" Pashley Muni (New Style) - Muni. 10% of riding.

  6. 5’ DM Giraffe - Rare use, but good for parades, street work.

  7. 24" DM Ultimate wheel - Fun but tiring.

  8. 20" BC wheel - never got the hang of it.

Now I’m back down to 2 wheels (20" DM Ringmaster pro and 24" Ultimate
Wheel). I’m seriously considering getting one of the new generation Munis
though - as soon as my bank balance allows.




I now own 3 unis

  • 1 KH20 Trials
  • 1 Torker CX
  • 1 Jugglebug (got it for 2 bucks!)

I currently own:

an Onza trials

a KH 2005 Muni

A coker (out of commission)

A DM ringmaster

edit: Oh yeah and a pashley 20" in a less than assembled state.

I currently have at my house courtesy of Petit_Pierre and his broken kidneys (He’s been in hospital for most of the last fortnight. Out again now…But still not riding)

An Onza Muni

A coker (a bit broken after a run in with a car)

A 28" Schlumpf Guni