How many unicyclists....

are there in the world?
Of course there are various definitions of what a unicyclist is, but I mean can ‘ride’ unassisted for more then say… 5 meters.
I’ve had an interesting time trying to calculate this out because I can’t tell who unicycles and who doesn’t. You aren’t automaticly given a big green flag to strap to your face after you learn, so who’s to know?

there’s been a lot of posts like this lately but I think the # I remember most is close to 1,000,000

5 meters doesn’t seem far enough to declare oneself a “rider”. A UPD can throw me that far. :astonished:

Perhaps we should all wear a scarlet letter. Or number…

The number one on our foreheads. Should it be an Arabic numeral? Chinese? What about Roman? Just a thought. :wink:

The Japan Unicycling Association claims that 6 million kids have learned to ride in Japan since they started. If you believe that number, assume most of them are still alive because the JUA only started in 1978. Then work from there. I’d say at least 6,000,000 worldwide, 99% of which hacen’t been on one in a long time.

Ok, so I know 3 guys here in town and there are a bunch of people on this forum, so I am going to guess 6,060,000. Give or take 1000 or so.

Welcome to uni-ville population me and you and a couple more

How many unicyclist ?..

Welcome to uni-ville. Population You - Me and a couple more

Population varies …

Well, lets take count.

I’ll start: ONE

I think there are six or seven. Oh, there’s a guy outside on one now…eight. No, he fell…six or seven then.

How come you get to be number one?

I"LL start.



[THREAD=19626]This thread is the uni count.[/THREAD] Theres about 743 unicyclists on that. But thats just on these forums. Dont start another one.

And in the forbes boost your business competition, John drummond from stated that he is aiming for 1% of the population of the world to ride unicylces. So if he is aiming for that then there must be at least 0.5% of the world riding now.