How many unicyclists out there?

Does anybody have an idea of how many unicyclists there are in any given crowd of say 100 people? Is unicycling still something where you go out and people will say “wow!” or will they just say, “hey! I just learned to go backwards, what about you?” Basically…is it still WOW, or is it just SO WHAT?

Not enough :wink:

In Sanbornton NH (aka, Middle o’ No Where) there’s at least one, forget his name, and kinda me when I visit my parents and work there on weekends / summer. Just riding around the Bishop’s U. Campus I’ve met 2 other’s who know how to uni, and one active uni’er.

its still a WOW, unfortunately. I live in the 2nd biggest city in maryland, and i have yet to meet another unicyclist. The odds of finding another unicyclist are a lot less than 1/100 if you ask me. i’d say 1/1000 have tried it, between 1/5,000 and 1/10,000 are active unicyclists. those numbers are in no way accurate, they’re just my general idea. Regardless, if you do stumble arcross another unicyclist in your area, consider yourself very lucky! :slight_smile:


You really think there are 800,000 active unicyclists? If 1/10000 was accurate, we should be able to get a pretty good group going here in Atlanta. Out of 400 avtive unicyclists, we should be able to get 20-30 to show up. Of course that would be assuming your numbers were accurate.

Wow, I went riding last Sunday, and I met 6 people who could unicycle and one more who learned in 5 minutes. There are at least 7 people who can unicycle who live within a mile of me.

I don’t know. Apparently there is a lady on the other side of my fair town who is training to be a clown so when people see me they say “Hey do you know the unicycle lady?” To which I reply “Yes, we all know each other.” But I’ve really never met her.

And I live on a street where my sister and I are the oldest (at 17 and 16 respectively) and the rest of the kids aren’t older than 10. Today a youngin no older than 6 said “Hey get back here circus boy!”

I suppose he wasn’t impressed as his tone was that of a mother about to punish her young with a bull whip.

I know of seven.

I think that this should be a required question on the 2010 U.S. census. Now who should we write to in order to get this to happen?

At least they should include it in the more detailed questionaire which is sent to something like every hundredth household.

I know of 8 in my town (and county) who have ridden or still do ride. But I think there’s probably more. My town’s (and county) population is about 20,000, I think. That equals 1/2500.


Write your congressman.

ha ha ha ha ha! i am really lucky when i started 4 others started just down the road then phil moved “near by” then i emailed sarah miller and found she live near me to how cool is that!
so thats
7 i can count sarah miller includes paul unsure of 2nd name now!sorry!
This means i know riders for every thing i kinda do freestyle and i know my self
sarah and paul do cross country/hockey/freestyle/distance/muni
phil- trials and muni(downhill rider i would say!)
the 4 others general pissing around

Where I live it is still very much a wow thing, especailly outside my group of friends (most of whom have converted to unicycling)
I think i have met 2 other unicyclists outside peolpe i know well! not all that many but is more common then 10 years ago!

Unicycling spreads quickly. My friend and I started a little over a year ago and now we have taught about 15 people to ride in the Philly metro area.

Also, Tennisgh22, you should try to contact Trip. He goes to American University I think. In D.C. Near you. Accountname: Muniracer.

actuially i think we make up less than 1% of the population

actuially i think we make up less than 1% of the population. in my town of 12,000 i know of 7 people thatr can unicycle. but i think we are above average here because in middle school (junior high school) they do a circus unit in gym class and part of it is learning to ride a uni. (i never took the circus unit)

Rogeratunicycledotcom says 12% (I think, forgive me if i’m wrong Roger, I have a memory like a leaky sieve) of the population unicycles. I reckon they are in clumps though, not evenly spread over the world. For instance, 4 people down my street unicycle (not including my husband and son who try sometimes). There are at least 2 or 3 other people in this small town who can ride.

There is a cluster of people around this part of the world who can unicycle (whether they are actively unicycling is another thing) because a big circus ‘school’ used to exist locally and a lot of people learned there.


Based on the number of times I still notice people snapping shots of me with their camera phones, I would say that it is still “WOW.” However, I’m not sure that it’s as uncommon as I initially thought because I keep meeting people that can or used to unicycle. For example, about a month ago, I found out that one of the maintenance guys where I live performed with his unicycle on the Ed Sullivan show, and he has a picture of one of The Beatles sitting on his unicycle. (Don’t ask me which one, The Beatles were before my time. :stuck_out_tongue: )

To get a useable answer, you have to start with a better definition of the question:

Where is your “given crowd” of people? Certainly the percentages will be very different in various countries, especially third world ones.

More importantly perhaps, what is your definition of “unicyclist?” Is it merely someone who can ride? What if they only did it for a few weeks 20 years ago, and don’t even know if they can still do it now? How good a rider did they need to be? 3 meters? 10 meters? Freemount?

I’m surprised at Roger Davies’ number of 12%, which seems awfully high even with the widest definition of what a unicyclist is (other than someone who merely tried one). I’d like to hear more about that. I will stick with something around 1% for now.

Just because you never see unicyclists in your area doesn’t mean they aren’t out there. They might never ride, or only ride indoors, etc. Most people who can ride unicycles are not necessarily interested in hanging out with other people on unicycles.

Perhaps it was 2%. I never was very good at remembering numbers.


Who are the 4 other riders near you? If you live in Devon then in your general area are Trevor Scofield and the Uffculme people (Amanda, Matt, Bishop, Butty, Alick, and about 5 more who’s names I’m not sure on).

I think unicyclists tend to group around areas where they’ve learned, so one person learns and a small group of friends forms around them as they are introduced to it. Its a very social activity, I think being a lone unicyclist is a little strained… Thats why i’m trying to teach as many people as possible!! And I’ve got about 4 others who know how to ride in the society, 1 more and I can play 3 a side uni hockey!!