How many Unicyclists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

One to screw in the light bulb and…

Two to point out the light bulb is screwed in the wrong forum.

Five to post a Gallery.

Three to post a Video.

Four to point out a proper search wasn’t made for the light bulb.

Two to post a useless poll before screwing in the light bulb.

Six to make funny remarks about the light bulb.

Three to troll just to show they were there when the light bulb was screwed in.

One to write an extremely fascinating three-post write up for a one-minute light bulb change.

Three to ask whether it is better to get the light bulb from Atlanta, Canada, or locally.

Two to point out light bulb means something else in their culture.

One to make an double entendre or innuendo about screwing in a light bulb.

Two to point out Jesus is the Light.

Four Atheists/Agnostics to immediately argue otherwise.

Two Buddhist/Taoists to point out there are other lights.

On to ask what the highest light bulb drop is.

Six to argue the political implications.

Three newbies asking how to screw in a light bulb.

Seventeen High Schoolers stating their Janitor changes their light bulbs.

Three Geezers recalling time before light bulbs.

One Geezer to give the complete history of light bulbs.

One to point out a pierced light bulb doesn’t work.

One to organize a light bulb weekend.

One hundred fifty to show up but not offer to help.

One to immediately sell the light bulb before another is purchased.

Three females to keep some balance in dealing with the light bulb.

Consensus that BTM should change all the light bulbs in the future because he is tallest.

Your contribution…

George Barnes towers over Billy. The political implications are obvious. Billy may be tall but he’s got a really big name and uses two Miyata extensions which make him APPEAR to be taller.

one to assemble the brand new lightbulb on the drveway just to run it over w/ the car!


You forgot someone to stick their finger in light socket to check for power

That’s Jagur, right?

One to hop in and start talking about BC wheels.

Three to debate the make of light bulb to use.

Two to ask what colour they should use to pimp the light.


“blink” i just had an idea

One to post about how many lightbulbs are replaced at the pentagon.

Two to argue loudly for and against different sizes of lightbulb.

One to ask if a splined lightbulb would be better for street lighting.

One to be offended by the light bulb.

One to represent the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Light Bulbs.

Ten to think up replies to “Where’s the other light bulb?”

one to compain about threadjacking

one nonrider to say that lightbulbs suck :slight_smile:

One to ask if you like my new light bulb T shirt design.

haha thats my favorite…


Let me guess? Mikefule?

Also need to add, 6 newbs to ask which light bulb is best for learning.

Ha Ha, very good list.:stuck_out_tongue:

  • One to send the lightbuld out for powder coating.

Haha, I’d love to see a powder coated lightbulb in action! :slight_smile:

At least a dozen to emhatically state that they are not a clown just because the clowns use light bulbs, too.