How Many Spokane Uni Riders!!!

How Many People Here Live In Spokane Washington?

no one =(…?

I live in the Spokane area. I have met three trials riders from various parts of town, one of whom posts here occaisonally, as well as one MUni rider, and a few people who can do nothing but ride normally. Perhaps we should organize a ride sometime.

by any chance is one of their names phil, kinda tall skinnyish with slightly long curly hair?

oh, and i bumed the original of this in the just conversation, i forgot about it lol

Yes, I met Phil once, at the Coeur d’Alene Juggling and Unicycling Festival.

awesome =p, i meet him a little bit back when i was a freshmen, im supposed to see him tomorrow though, should be fun =p

Check the unicyclist roster.

i cant do much of nothin really but i would love to get together and maybe learn some new stuff