How many people unicycle in Las Vegas/Henderson, or would go there to ride

hey, anyone out there who unicycles in Las Vegas/ Henderson NV. Lemme Know, because im thinking of holding a unicycle ride in, where we can just ride around, and do some trials/street and just have fun. also anyone who would come from out of state

im in henderson now but my uni is in colorado:(

do you live in henderson or in Colorado?

Ridin in Vegas!!!

Just moved here from Colorado. I’m interested in riding muni. Been riding the Latenight trail out by Blue Diamond and the Cross country trail in Boulder City.

Got a better idea… Come back to CO, and we can go for rides in the SNOW!!!
What does LV have to offer anyway… SNAKES AND CASINOS!!!:smiley:

thats cool, im not sure about muni stuff around here, im trials, but i would be intrested in muni. where in henderson do you live?

Muni in Vegas

Near Blue diamond and I-15. How about you?
Trying to learn some trials but mostly ride the trails(dirt stuff).

im off of eastern on sandy ridge. Just near the school, T.H.I.S (The Henderson International School)
and yea, im doing mostly trials, but im going to try some trails/muni, it looks fun.

I don’t live there, but Bootleg Canyon out in Boulder City has some outstanding downhill MUni trails, with an easy road back up if you want to do them multiple times. There’s also a terrain park at the bottom.

cool, ill have to check them out, muni looks really fun:D

I would I live about 2 hours away… why?

i was thinking of throwing a uni ride in, and just findong people who acually would come.

COLORADO…srry it rocks there but i heard its like 17 degrees up in keystone were i snoboard…WOW :astonished:

haha, its cool, wow thats cold :stuck_out_tongue:

i want to learn more

hey i just moved back to vegas in september. i’ve been riding on and off since the 2nd grade. just picked it up again recently. i can’t do anything fancy or even hardcore…just trying to get back in the groove. i’d love to ride with people here in vegas…and learn more!

awesome, i dont know anyone here who uni’s so ive been looking around :P. i can do some hardcore stuff but im not too amazing lol, id be happy to help u out though.


Hey sorry I haven’t been on this in forever. Lots of people in town lately!
I’d love to get together, i really want to get better at it. let me know.:stuck_out_tongue: