How many people have you inspired to get a uni?

Every summer I help at a children’s camp. Three years ago I brought my uni to camp. As you all know, kids are naturally curious and all want to give a uni a try. However, the best moment came this year when one of the children said that he actually obtained a unicycle because of me. It was great to see his enthusiasm for riding. It’s great to pass it on!

Whilst at camp a few others (including young adults) learned to ride, one of them did it in an hour including free mounting! I observed that, in addition to natural aptitude, they had fearless persistence and will to succeed.

my senior year of high school i inspired 9 of my closest friends to start riding
now that im in college i inspired my roommate to start riding =D
also made 3 other people at college who could already ride bring their unis up to ride with us

One of my friends from high school has actually started learning due to me doing it during school and such. Wish he would have started earlier so that we could actually ride together as I’m now away at college.

It feels pretty good to know that someone had enough interest in what I was doing that they took that large step in trying to learn. Now I just need to find people at college to inspire so I have people to ride with haha.

I got a couple folks to ride, and they’ve since gotten unis… has anyone put this question to Kris Holm? and how could he possibly answer that? he cinched it for me…

4 and still counting…:slight_smile:
My son, my daughter and my best friend׳s 2 sons!!!

Just based on letters, emails, youtube, facebook and my website messages from people of all ages and from numerous countries, over the past 5+ years, I would estimate in to be in the thousands. And there have been probably hundreds more that I’ve met on trails and while riding in general. And there have been quite a lot I’ve met on trails and riding in general, that have been inspired to learn.

It’s always so terrific to hear from people, especially those who thought they were too old, or too out of shape to learn. It’s also great because many of them have stayed in touch with me over the years, giving periodic update on their progress. Really makes it all worth it to me! :slight_smile:

I’ve inspired 2 or 3 people at my college to learn since I started last year. I’ve left my spare uni in the lounge of the music building and said people could try and if I was around, I would give them tips.

A few people have gotten to the point of being able to ride a few revolutions without the wall.

Its fun to see people get so excited about it too. Even when they only make 1 or 2 revolutions, they jump off and scream and give me a high five. Reminds me of when I first started =3

At least 6. I’m sure there’s a few more though. The community is not big around here though, most of my unicycling friends stopped to ride :frowning: There are also a few others I’ve inspired to ride more, which is awesome.

Hmm let me see… I got Sam la hood into street riding, before I met her she just did some stuff with a local circus. She may have gotten into street or flat without me but I doubt it haha. I also got Daniel Wade into it(combination of me and Sam), some of you might know him. I got Samuel Tzikoucos into it, him and Sam are now sponsored by UDC.

Thats the 3 main ones.

People I have taught to unicycle personally would be well in the 3 digit area.

People I have convinced to actually purchase a unicycle(not including schools), whether its secondhand from me, off or UDC, off the top of my head I’d say around 30. Schools in my area, all together have purchased around 25 unicycles.

Not to brag or anything :wink:

Hard to know. Very few directly, but hopefully lots indirectly. Most of my performance unicycling was presented in the form of “anyone can learn to do this”. Especially with the National Circus Project, where our emphasis was on education and hands-on. So, like the unicyclists that inspired me by riding in the Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade back in the late 60s, I hope I’ve inspired hundreds of people to make unicycle purchases. And thousands more, hopefully, have been exposed to the unicycle as a fun device that doesn’t require superhuman genes to ride, years of practice, and be an activity just for circus clowns.

Since those days, I’ve been more of a promoter of offroad unicycling and a visible rider in my local area. Same thing; hopefully people who see me get the idea that it’s something they might want to do, and pick it up. People I talk to always get a little education on yes, it’s not impossible, just go to, etc.