How many people are at the various IUF levels?

I am not officially level anything bc I only just found out about all this level
stuff a few months back. I haven’t noticed a list anywhere of how many riders
there are (officially) at each level. Of course, there are lots more people
unofficially at each of the lower levels than are registered, but even so, I’d
love some ideas.

When I master walking the wheel, I’ll be able to pass levels 5 and 6 (why IS w
the w level 5 when it’s so much harder than ALL the level 6 stuff?!). I can’t
imagine too many people worldwide are in levels 7-10 – maybe under 2,000?

And how about by region. Are there any level 7-10s in the NYC region (or even in
NY State) – there must be a few, but in 21 years of riding, I have never met
any of them.

Thanks for the help! - David Stone

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