How many have landed 900s??

Hey, I landed a 900 unispin today and I realized that Im like 3rd och something.
How many of you have landed 900?

Adrien Delecroix
Daniel Adelander

any more?

ermm i heard forest rackard did one but im not sure.

Awesome bro :smiley: I already told you :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah Forrest was pretty close he said, but not sure if he landed… I also think that Loic landed but didn’t told us :wink:

do you make a video of your 900?

No Adrien said loic hadnt landed it… I got it on tape but its not going to be released before the swedish championships video contest so about the 15 of june you can see it

I landed a 900mm hop on a muni trail the other day. It was sick.

Are you sure??? He was so close to getting it on flat.
I assume you did it on flat, nice job.

Anyone know if Adrien can rolling 900? He did a 900 at CFM with a very little prehop.

If its the Forest I know he told me he never landed them and gave up on doing them for now (last I heard).

Yeah i did it flat…

Raphael is rediculously close. He’ll have it soon.

I’m getting really close on flat with one prehop. I’ve stuck a couple pedals and all. If I don’t land it before NAUCC than I’ll land it there. More incentive to do it in front of people lol.

Loic is god…

woah that doublle back, then crankflip thing was immense!

EDIT: sorry a bit off topic but it was amazing!

Loic has definitely landed a 900, but off a little cement block, its on the video “Chupitos 900” which can be found on the Koxx-One website

btw that video was f*cking awesome!!! and there’s a rolling 900 in it so yeah.

hey adde,

well done! looking forward the see the clip :slight_smile:


wow already 3people who can do a 9spin… :astonished:
and some who can do it almost :roll_eyes:

=> the unicycle street level is geting REALLY high…
2 years ago, There was almost nobody that could do a 7spin… and now… 9spins (and one 1080spin) :astonished:

2 years ago there werent that many who could 540 unispin lol

@adde why did you put x mas flat off youtube?

I think there are two more riders who landed it, but I’m not sure if I can say who…

Well, soon you’ll probably see more 900s on videos :wink:

Raphael Pöham is soo close :