how lows ya ride?

I would say my ride hight is very high for trials riding,I ride with it at the same hight as if it were a bike I can’t take riding with my saddle low as most do. I have had a go at low saddle riding but i find i sack my self more as I can’t ride as well with it low but i can jump higher i must addmit.what are you thoughts on saddle hight?
do you ride high or low for freestyle?

I don’t really “ride” alot when doing trials. I ride short distances on skinnies but alot of the activity is more pogo-stick like. Lots of hopping, dropping, still-standing, and grabbing. Consequently I have my trials seat quite low. I think I have found the limit of my seat-in vertical hop (or jump) which is about 20" under ideal conditions. I intend to begin learning seat out jumping to try to increase that. If I meet with any success (success tends to not confront me often) I will probably begin to raise the seat back up for more stability. It’s nice to have alot of clearance for seat-in drops though. That way the knees have some room to flex.

I keep my MUni seat fairly high. Higher than most, almost street riding height. If I don’t, my tired old knees do too much work on the trail. Having an airseat compensates for not having as much clearance for drops. Regardless of how it looks, it’s not the pills that get squished during a drop. One lands primarily with the force distributed on the pelvic bones.

I ride my trials uni at least 2 miles per day to school. I kep my seat at trials height, although I could raise it for the street. I to barely “ride” when doing trials. I also prefer to jump seat out, so seat height matters less to me. I also found raising my seat 1/2" didn’t lower my 18" rolling hop (High jump over a bar and or backpack, I almost never go on to something over ~17" with a rolling hop, I’m a wimp:( . Also, seat out is more fun)

My trials is my only uni so it does get ridden quite alot not that far though I also do muni on it. I think I will start to lower my saddle over time eg 2mm go for a ride lower again ride ect.I am also going to practice my seat outs I can do it, but not very high so i may work on this when it’s rainnig.


I ride on flat surfaces a lot, cause i’m still learning. I like having my seat high, but not too high, also not too low. My knees are bent slightly when my feet are at the lowest point, I think the higher the seat the more stability you get. But if your going seat out it’s probably easier to have it lower. You probably know all this, but I just wanted to post.


When I hop seat out my seat sits RIGHT above my knees, I cannot stand for it to be high.

What do you mean by street riding heigth, like long dictances or like jumping stairs and grinding?