How low do you ride?

when your sanding to hop how much space ruffly is there between your ass and the saddle? I am just wondering because i lowered my saddle due 2 new post + thining out of my kh.It’s probally not that much lower but anyway trials and muni riders how much space do ya have? I would say hight but that would change due to hight of rider see!

7.5" between the gouch and the top of my seat. I am 5’10".

I dont like seats that have extra padding because I would rather have more air than more padding, but I don’t ride long distances.

i recommend making adjustments till you figure out what works for you. Dan Heaton can roll hop higher than anyone I have seen and his seat is a lot higher than mine. So I guess it’s all about what feels comfortable.


I would guess I’ve got about 10" there. But then again I’m not very good with inches. Kevin McMullin has a huge gap right?

3 inches max

For step uphill Muni I like my seat high so my legs are almost straight at the bottom of the down stroke – much as you have on a bike. I usually have to ride fire trails up to get to the single track descents, and I always lower the seat at least a few inches for descents – not a big factor for moderate stuff, but when the terrain gets steep, I’m much more solid with the seat real low. I take a little Allen wrench along for the quick adjustement.

For seat-in hoping on my trials uni, if the seat is too high I can’t sink down enough before the hop and thus, can’t get much thrust out of my quads. But for seat out, I need the seat higher or else I’m too hunched and can’t extend after launching off the tarmack. And I need to seat high for wheel walking, which I’m still learning, or my legs get torched from being so scrunched up.

In my limited experience, one heigth does not fit all, so to speak. I found it interesting to see how high most freestylers keep their seats.


Ive probally got about 4 inches but everyones differnt just see whats best for you.