How long?

How long do you thing it would take to ride a unicycle 11Km? With a wheel size of 20’’ with 165mm cranks?

Probably a few seconds. I would take my unicycle on a rocket ship, because I don’t have to ride it, and if I ever DID have to ride it, I would ride it on the rocket ship to finish the 11km.:slight_smile:
Good luck




Shouting over. It depends how fast you pedal! Level ground? Probably not if you’re using 165’s on a 20". Figure a couple of hours if you go nonstop, or more if you take your time.

it might be faster to just walk

Is it even possible to have a 20 inch wheel with 165mm cranks? How would you turn?

Anyways, that would take a really really long time.

Answer to 1 defiantly.

Answer to 2 without leaning you just twist.

I believe you can fit 175’s on a 20". Turn very gradually or by hopping

Yeah, with that setup it would probably be faster to walk the uni or carry it.

ahahhaha I beat you:D

Yeah I’m entered in a fun run and I’m doing in on my unicycle and its really, really old. From like the 60’s-70’s. And the cranks broke and the only ones I could find that would fit were 165mm long. Oh well I ain’t scared!

Not sure how to factor in the crank size bit, but I’ve ridden 8 miles (12.5km) on a 20" with 125 cranks on 3 times. Each time was exactly 1h 9min.

I guess it’ll take longer with the longer cranks, and it’ll depend a lot on your fitness levels and terrain, and training etc…


For example, I ride 7 km in 30minutes with a 20" wheel and 137mm cranks


I can get 6km in 40mins off road on a 24" with 153 cranks so I assuming about 1-3 hours for you? maby more?

If you can afford it, now you should get a pair of short cranks. I like 114 for Freestyle, but if you’re not doing lots of tricks you can go even shorter. Order cranks from

depends how fast you want to pedal.

I think it depends on how much determination you have and the speed you’ll be doing. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

and how many red bulls you can afford…

That is so true. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: