How long was it before you bought your second unicycle?

The answers in this thread range from two weeks to 38 years… that’s amazing.

I agree with this - after this month I think I’ll go get the 29"! :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder how you’d compare the Qu-Ax to the KH. What kind of upgrades and benefits does the Kris Holm have over the Qu-Ax?

Thanks for the welcome! But my mind is full of wat.

I bought a 24" Nimbus II at the start of this summer, learned on it, loved it, got frustrated at the speed and then jumped up to the KH 29 a month and a half later. I gave the Nimbus to some friends at work who want to learn to ride.
I’m probably not the typical enthusiast, since I have no desire to do tricks, and my aim from the start has been to use the one-wheel as actual transportation. Eventually, I’d like to see if I can move up to a 36, but I’m having so much fun on the 29 that I think I’ll stick with this one until I master all the skills I’ll need for any traffic situation (hopping curbs, extended idling, etc.). :o

Yup, it was a cheap quality unicycle. :frowning: But I didn’t know that at the time :roll_eyes:
There are much better quality ones for sale for £30, instead I paid £60 for it.:stuck_out_tongue:
I got it from a b*ke shop, I didn’t know enough about what I was about to buy, and they hadn’t got a clue what they were selling. They were asking £100, but I only had £60 in my purse. :frowning:
Still, I learnt to ride on it, so will always have good memories :smiley:

1st one 1972, standard 20". 2nd one 1974, 20" giraffe. 3rd 1990 24" Cycle Pro. 4th one 2012 24" Torker. Today, put a new tire on the original 1972 20".

“How long was it before you bought your second unicycle?”

About 40 years!

I got my second one a (20" torker lx) as a gift about 2 years after learning to ride than bought a nimbus 24 muni about 6 months later

425 days: both are Torker 20CX machines. Over time, I replaced everything on the original except for the frame. Recently I bent the rim on the first one, then bought a Craig’s list “spare” uni to cannibalize its wheel. Hope to own a better quality machine one day.

I’d love to get another uni

I wish I had another uni but who has the $$$$? :roll_eyes:

Yea I’m right in there, 1974, Schwinn 24 . . 37 years later, still have it.2nd Uni? 1 month ago, Finally a New Nimbus 24 Green Muni, LUVIT. Waist no more time . .

Old guys on uni’s :astonished: … love it/us:p

One week for number two, another month for number three, but to be fair, there were two of us riding. My son went to capmp for a week, I learned to ride a Sun 20, then when he got back I ordered a Nimbus 24 muni, then a couple weeks later I got a Nimbus 26 muni so we’d both have munis.

This is a good new thread. I don’t remember anyone ever asking that question before.

I was waiting to hear from MuniAddict, as I knew his gap would be a long one! Not so much for me:

Feb. 1980: Schwinn Giraffe
(I already knew how to ride but hadn’t bought my own yet. Started with a giraffe to match the guy I was riding with at the time)
April/May(?) 1980: 24" Concord (Japanese cottered uni)
April/May(?) 1980: 24" Schwinn (also cottered)
Sometime during 1980 I also talked the owner of a Schwinn 20" that I’d used for learning to ride to sell it to me.
January(?) 1981: 24" Miyata
2012: About 41 unicycles


You have forty one unicycles, not just pictures, but actual functioning unicycles?

You need to talk with someone, this is verging on an obsession :roll_eyes:

I’ve been riding four years, I have purchased sixteen unicycles, but I only own five now, so yeah, I got my own issues…lack of stability :stuck_out_tongue:

30 year hiatus

Took me 11 years to get my second unicycle. I started in 1977 on a 20" (no brand name) at age 9. In 1989 my Dad sent me to college (where I was affectionately known as the unicycle guy) with a 24" Schwinn which I rode for 2 years until it broke and I did not have the money to buy another. Jump forward to 2008 (sprinkle in 30 years of mountain biking) teaching my own kids to bicycle lead me to order a 24" Nimbus MUni which I quickly (as soon as I figured out I could still ride the darn thing) sold to fund a 36" Nimbus Impulse. My primary discipline became touring long distances and I eventually bought a Schlumpf hub and a KH36 with Magura a HS33 rim brake but I missed my disc brake so badly I waited for the Oracle (almost bit at the Oregon) before I got into MUni. My most recent purchase was a June 2012 KH29. I now own 3 unicycles not counting the 16" and 20" for the kids.

You don’t want to know how many pictures of unicycles I have.

Yes, about 41. Some I’ve never even ridden. Some I would never want to ride (like the one I originally tried to learn on, and some garage sale specials people have brought to me). I have a pink 20" with a factory kickstand, from Japan, that still has the Japanese “Woods” valve, so I can’t pump it up. I have a handmade 5’ giraffe that I bought with a bad tire; haven’t been on that one either. In fact, I also have a “backup” Schwinn Giraffe, which was purchased in pieces, and needs a complete overhaul before it can be ridden.

Others are in pieces, like my old “Excessory” Cycle, that I built in 1981 on a 24" Schwinn, using every bike accessory I could get my hands on. Someday I will restore it and put it all back together.

My 9’ Giraffe is disassembled and painted with primer; the beginning of an art project that was suppsed to end with it hanging in the corner of our living room, artfully painted to match the rest of the room. Got to finish that project someday…

365 days exactly! Just bought my second last week on my birthday!

First uni was 20" no brand. After about 2 weeks of learning and riding I understood that it is too small, too small for me. I found another no brand uni in bike shop 24".

I honestly don’t even know, couldn’t have been more than a year though.

Around 17-18 years. I bought a 20" Pashley in 1987 and then bought my second uni in about 2005. At the peak of my enthusiasm I owned about 13 but now I am down to 6.

Ten days for me until I bought a 26" Nimbus muni. That was the first chance the seller and I had to meet up and transact the deal. It was two or three days from my first time riding until I agreed to buy it. Nothing was wrong with my first one and I still ride that one a lot, but I wanted to see what another one was like. It was three months before I tried to ride it, and I bought and started riding a third one in the interim.