How long was it before you bought your second unicycle?

Hi everyone!

I decided to pick up unicycling in the last month of summer before university begins, and I’ve had an amazing time riding my 24" Torker LX. Within two days of practice I was riding, and in four days I was freemounting. I feel like I’m learning really quickly and am already thinking of getting a second unicycle - a 29" Nimbus, for XC riding and possibly college commuting. The Nimbus is begging to be bought, but I sense that I might be being a little too hasty with my wallet and commitment. It’s only been a little over a week, after all.

How long were you riding before you bought your second unicycle?

After 2 weeks my first uni was kaput and therefore I buyed a new one (26" Muni with disc breaks).


I bought a used muni one month after learning on a cheap uni.
Do what’s right for you.

9 months. I bought a 20" Torker LX Pro September of last year, then in May of this year I bought a Nimbus 24" Muni.

33 years, but then ~7 over the same number of years.

I think something like 8 months. And after that were a couple of years I bought and sold countless custom and/or odd models.

Just over a month after I could ride my first one - I bought a 26er muni.

Bought a 24" muni about 3 months after learning on a 20" trainer. 14-year-old son got a 24" muni a month after learning on the same trainer, and a trials uni a month after that.

Just under a year.

About three years, I had a 20" CX, and like three years later I got a nimbus two, then I got a giraffe

38 years.

About 6 weeks, if that.

never happened … but soon I hope:)

Date -Days -Uni
29.03.2010 Trainer 24
29.04.2010 - 31 - Qu-ax Cross 29
03.08.2010 - 96 - 36" Nimbus ‘Impulse’ Disc /‘Shadow’ Handle
08.06.2011 - 309 - Kris Holm 26"
04.12.2011 - 179 - Kris Holm 29"
02.05.2012 - 150 - KH 20"

About a year for me. A cheap 2nd hand 24" pashley that I rebuilt into a 26" MUni. You need more than one uni so you might as well start now:)

well I started on a old 16 unicycle that was two small for me since the start It had a broken saddle (very uncomfortable but i didn’t know better back then) then after a couple of mouths maybe 4 I got a 20 learner unicycle from craigslist for $40 then when I got good at basic freestyle tricks I got a nimbus 24 muni after about a year. so basically get unicycles when feel like it:D

7 weeks !
2nd hand Quax luxus then muni KH26 then 1 month to add a trial (2nd hand) KH20.

Hi JaguarVitamin Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I bought my first uni in June 2010, a cheap one, but expensive.
I promised myself a new one once I had learnt to ride unaided. (Took me a while longer to learn)
I succeeded, and bought my second unicycle that October.

I promised myself another unicycle once I could freemount.
I was freemounting the following June 2011 and bought two more uni’s

Then, because -You Can Never Have Too Many Uni’s- I bought another one in the October.

My last uni purchase was end of March this year.
Next purchase…? :roll_eyes:

I started on a standard 20" unicycle. After 15 months I bought a second one, a 24" muni. Over the next years I bought on average two unicyclces per year. Got eight by now.

Oups, we are approaching September … time to get another one … :smiley:

First 1976 for my now old school cottered 24 Schwinn, second circa 1984 Schwinn giraffe. Few more over next decade or so including Miyata 24 and some garage sale uni’s.

Then exploded in the 2000’s: Muni, Trials, Freestyle, Coker (plus the Girls’ uni’s too). My garage is a testament that you probably cannot have enough uni’s.