How long until you can arrange...

If you’re a guy, and a proish unicyclist, do you still hurt your…“friends” after making a bad jump. I’m only learning to arrange them now. lol! no but seriously every guy I try to teach is always asking the question; “doesn’t it hurt…down there?”

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yeah, my “friends” seem to be not very happy after awhile of riding and especially when mounting, so i think i’m gonna get some bike shorts this weekend. they’re supposed to help.

I’ve only hurt them I think once in my entire 4 year old uniing life. And that was trying to land a unispin seat in down two stairs. (I didn’t even clear the first one)

Bike shorts help a tremendous amount, and are a worthwhile investment, much moreso than even 661 4x4s. Other than that, all you can really do is practice to maintain the correct posture through anything you do.

i cant believe guys dont hurt their junk more often really. its just a part of unicycling.

its been countless times for me now. i’ll live, my family name probably wont.

yeah ive mashed my boys a fair few times…it really hurts. usually leaves me lying on my back writhing in pain for a minute or 2.

Someone should figure out how to make a unicycle cup, or a “positioner”…

I’ve had my share of those.

I think my worst one so far was working on static hop height (which is still really pathetic), and while in the air, both feet went out to the side, so my balls made a direct hit to the seat. I think that might top childbirth pain. :astonished:

my worst one was my first attempt at a 360 off a picnic table…i guess i diddnt lift hard enough on the lift handle or somthing becouse my feet came off the pedals and i got a direct hit 2 the seat so i just laid on the ground for about an hour …after the 45 minits of horrid pain it was quite a peacefull 15minits

One good thing about extreme pain - endorphins do a lot of the cleanup work.

Wow i expected some hippy to come complaining about a crude topic but you guys sure feel my pain.

“i’ll live, my family name probably wont.”

That would make a good quote.

and it was quite convenient that i had hersheys chocolate bar (chocolate releases endorphins) in my pocket it would have been like the funnies thing 2 watch on a tape

first i rack my self …halarous in it self
but then i stay on the ground and breack out a candy bar
and just sit there eating it

i think it would be halarous

yeah that would be a good commercial for hersheys…show all that then superimpose on the screen “hersheys…its good for after you mash your nuts”

anyways…my worst cruch was when i had first started to learn to hop. and i decided id be cool and hop no handed. i went up the uni stood stiill. needless to say i had a dorfman like experience crushed my boys fell on the ground and layed there for a bout an hour… then it got dark so i got up and walked bowlegged up the stairs to my apartment.

Especially if it was for Hershey’s with almonds.

Anyway you will eventually learn how to position yourself. Mostly from trial and error unfortunately.

What’s a “hippy?”

Positioning is the first thing I learned to do. Before mounting and everything. Just pull them up in front, sit on the seat and hope your pants keep them in place (nut huggers do a good job, but I wouldn’t suggest riding with boxers anyway, they ride up in a [I]very[I] uncomfatable way). Putting them in front isn’t a good idea if you wear tight jeans, with jeans you’d wanna put one on each side of the seat.

Sorry, by hippy i meant overprotective typa’ person. Ya ever heard of the term “goody goody”? Nevermind.

I thought hippies were really super liberal types, they wouldn’t mind this kind o’ conversation.

what if u cut a slit in the middle of the seat foam for the boys to sit in?? might be good for commuting?? :roll_eyes: